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Technology Use for Whitespace R&D Infographic

View Full-Size Infographic Innovation Whitespace R&D Defined White space is where unmet and unarticulated needs are uncovered to create innovation opportunities. It is where products and services don't exist based on the present understanding of values, definition of business or even existing competencies." - Targeted Discovery Through a technology-driven process, you can build extensively upon your core traits to discover and identify whitespace targets. Deconstruction Engine Utilizing a unique deconstruction technology-driven engine, you can break down and deconstruct your core traits, piece-by-piece. Allowing you to capture specific characteristics that will lead you to new, adjacent opportunities that are transformational for your needs. Searchbot Scouting With the use of searchbot technology, you can data mine and extensively crawl the world wide web to unearth new solutions and innovators within the whitespace realm. Whitespace Analytics App Use of a powerful app like eZassi’s Open Innovation plaƞorm, Enovate, you can easily target and capture opportunities with solvers...

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