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The eZassi innovative team is what makes your innovation success possible. Innovation is your priority and ours. We are geared with professionals with the experience, knowledge and insight you need to achieve innovation, to capture unique, qualified ideas so you can get to market quickly.

Peter Von Dyck, CEO and President

ezassi-innovator-team-peter-von-dyckPeter von Dyck is the Chief Executive Officer of eZassi and a 20 year technology pioneer with an exceptional record of developing highly innovative technology companies and disruptive product offerings. He is an accomplished innovator and marketer of new technology offerings in the areas of endoscopic surgery, wound care, implantable medical devices and advanced software programs and has been granted a dozen US patents. He has led the commercializing of over two dozen novel solutions and is an international market maker with demonstrated capabilities in innovation strategy, product commercialization, global business development and intellectual property management. Peter has been recognized as a leading technology entrepreneur, including the Ernst & Young: Entrepreneur of the Year and by Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who awarded him the Business Diversification Award for Entrepreneurship. He has led several technology companies as the CEO and his previous technology firm was ranked #1 as the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Florida.


At eZassi he is helping to usher in a new generation of Innovation Management software solutions that allow companies to broaden their innovation reach around the world while maintaining Intellectual Property disclosure control and preserving freedom to operate.

Walter C. Galler, Chief Marketing and Customer Engagement Officer

walter-galler-2-ezassi-teamAs the Chief Marketing and Customer Engagement Officer for eZassi, Walter leads all client deployment engagement activities. He is heavily focused on client engagement success and relationship enrichment, ensuring the voice of the client is heard, inclusive of project success and throughout the evolutionary innovation lifecycle. In this capacity, he also provides strategic intelligence and oversight of all external marketing and customer facing initiatives.


Walter has more than a decade of transforming business strategy into industry leading, digital experiences that drive customer engagement and business efficiency. Prior to joining eZassi, Walter spent four years with JPMorgan Chase. During his tenure with the bank, he managed the design and deployment of several online applications for the home lending business within the Retail Bank, including the development of a multi-phase ecommerce strategy and digital roadmap for the Wholesale Home Lending business unit. Earlier in his career he led the digital strategy practice group for a Southeast-based marketing consulting firm.

Raymond J. Brandstaetter, Chief Financial Officer

ezassi-innovator-team-member-ray-brandstaetterRay’s experience as a business advisor for entrepreneurs in the Northeast Florida area combined with his academic credentials and research background give him insights into ways innovative companies of all sizes can succeed.


eZassi armed with an MSc in General Management with an emphasis in international business from Sloan Fellowship Master’s Program at London Business School. Prior to that, he spent 10 years in financial analysis, accounting and forestry research with Canada’s largest forest products firm. There, he was responsible for the consolidation of operating results, plans and forecasts for nine operating divisions with annual revenues exceeding $700 million. Ray also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria in British Columbia and CMA from the Certified Management Accountants of Canada.

Aryan Davani, Vice President of Global Sales

aryan-davani-ezassiAs Vice President of Sales, Aryan leads all strategic and operational aspects of growing eZassi’s escalating global market — targeting new enterprise companies that aim to innovate, faster.


Aryan is an accomplished sales executive having spent the past ten years implementing business strategies at companies like Oracle, ADP and Brightedge. Aryan has vast experience helping to market industry leading software solutions that drive business results. Born and raised in NYC, Aryan moved down south to attend the University of North Carolina to study business. Soon after graduating with honors from the Cameron School of Business, Aryan founded his own green tech start-up, which brought him to San Francisco almost a decade ago. Aryan’s success thus far is clearly a result of a passion to never stop learning how he can help his customers win more by gaining that competitive advantage that will help them get ahead in their competitive landscape.


Aryan lives in Nob Hill, San Francisco and loves to travel the world in his free time. At eZassi, Aryan is helping to unleash a new generation of Innovation Management software solutions to companies that are looking at better ways in managing their ideation process from concept to cash. The goal is to take innovation from a surprise to a system.