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Manage Collaboration, Ideation, and Technology Discovery – all in one place.


Collaboration software maximizes teamwork effectiveness. Ideation Software supports company ideation and brainstorming. Ezassi’s innovation management ecosystem supports company growth and innovation with tools for collaboration, ideation, and technology scouting. 


Don’t limit your organizational growth by using just collaboration software. Take it to the next level with an innovation management ecosystem.


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Configurable Boards


Internal & External


Big Data Mining & Analytics

Collaboration PLUS Ideation

Collaborate Internally & with Partners

Connect your teams across departments and around the world. Invite internal employees and external partners to collaborate, share ideas and work on projects. Use powerful analytics to identify gaps, measure results, and improve workflow. Receive alerts for comments or tasks and communicate with key decision-makers. Use Ideation APIs on your corporate website to gain valuable feedback and innovative ideas from your customers and potential partners. 

Kanban Boards

Configure Boards & Collaborate Together

Configurable Kanban board and phases enable your teams to create collaborations that work for them. Admin-controlled public and private rooms allow members to share files, discuss challenges, and submit potential solutions—analytics and transparency by user roles. Survey builder enables controlled information gathering, and robust workflows automate task assignments and communicate next steps. Ranking and leaderboard support gamification and rewards.


Discover Emerging Technology

Focus Your Research & Discovery Efforts

Our built-in discovery tool mines millions of worldwide data sources, well beyond traditional search engines, to help identify new and emerging technology, track trends, locate potential partners, source vendors, and find subject matter experts. Sources include patents, trademarks, grants, clinical trials, tech transfer, publications, news, organizations, people, and more. Our tool will save you significant time and resources, improve your target searches, help uncover adjacent technologies, and save you money.  

Innovating with Ezassi Software

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Collaboration & Ideation

Private and Public Groups

Configurable Collaboration Kanban

Workflow Engine to Automate Tasks & Notifications

IP Protection Capabilities for External Ideation

Review Calculators and Analytics

Ranking, Leaderboard & Gamification

Searchable File Repository - Including Documents

SSO for Platform & APIs for Ideation

Tech Discovery Module for Emerging Technologies

Trend Alerts