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Encapsulation Technology Top 3 Discoveries: Seaweed, Retinol, Skincare

Seaweed Capsules May Lead to an Injection-Free Life for Diabetic Patients

by Olga Garnova

Garnova writes about the novel encapsulation technology technique which “employs a droplet microfluidic device to encapsulate pancreatic islets in hydrogel made of alginate, a natural polymer extracted from seaweed.” This amazing technology utilizes non-freezable bound water to protect the cells to prevent freezing damage. Absolutely amazing.


Garnova offers an informative encapsulation technology infographic on another encapsulation technology using “fluorescent oxygen-sensitive dye in hydrogel capsules.”

pancreatic islet cryopreservation infograpic

Is Microencapsulated Retinol Better Than Ordinary Retinol?

by Dr. Diana Howard

Which is better? Microencapsulated Retinol or ordinary Retinol? Dr. Howard writes about the encapsulation technology effectiveness of pure Retinol and its instability given that light and oxygen breaks it down. Through microencapsulation technology the unstable “Retinol molecule is protected, controlled release delivery is facilitated and enhanced penetration through the lipid bilayer of the skin.” Additional benefits to microencapsulated Retinol includes protecting “the Retinol from oxidation or spoilage and extending the shelf life of the product.”


Howard uses the microencapsulation Retinol image below to show the protective layers in the capsule with the inside active ingredient:

microencapsulation in retinol

Microencapsulation- A Breakthrough in Skincare

by Richa Ranjan

Microencapsulation Technology is an absolute breakthrough in skincare. During our microencapsulation technology research we have seen advancements in this technology within the skincare industry sitting prominently in the forefront. In this news insight, Ranjan not only uses the most visually pleasing microencapsulation imagery, she goes into the benefits of using microencapsulation technology and how it significantly increases effectiveness, particularly with the use of Retinol. Microencapsulation use with Retinol is the best way known today to maximize potency and minimize degradation. Ranjan states, “Although microencapsulation technology has been around for decades, it is advancing every day to provide formulators with a variety of options to deliver active ingredients in a safe and efficient way.”


Ranjan uses the image below to depict Microencapsulation technology used on skin care.

Microencapsulation technology used on skin care