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Innovation Management Software

Manage Ideation, Technology Discovery, and the Projects that Result from the Research – all in one place.


Delivering a dynamic, state-of-the-art innovation technology including; Internal idea capture, cyber scouting, idea review and workflow, external innovation, idea management, reporting and analytics and more.



Idea and Workflow


Big Data Mining and Analytics


with IP Protection

Idea Management

Collaborate Across Departments, with Vendors and Around the Globe

Let creativity run wild anywhere, in real-time with ideation software.  Streamline communication and collaboration with unlimited members, unlimited teams, and unlimited projects.  Easily create communities, challenges, and announcements.  Offer rewards with gamification.  Build surveys using skip logic and workflows tied to assignment notification.  Instantly view, share, and manage all the important content and files, everything is searchable.  API’s available for ideation.


Discovery Engine

A Powerful Technology Tool Designed to Filter Out the Noise

For exploring a product or technology our Discovery Engine mines data from over 40 million global sources, well beyond traditional search engines.  It solves for the innovation pain points of identifying disruptive and emerging technology, locating startup incubators, sourcing vendors, and find subject matter experts.  Our tech discovery engine will save you significant time and resources, improve your target discovery, help uncover adjacent technologies, and save you money.  

Project Management

Customizable Project Management Solution

As project managers ourselves, we completely understand the need for a customizable project management solution.  Every organization has its process and finding the technology to mirror it has become increasingly difficult as your process takes on its own unique workflow.  With that in mind, we designed a flexible solution that will work for you.  From a Kanban-style projects board, you can easily manage the projects that materialize from your ideation and tech discovery efforts.



Innovating with Ezassi Software

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See us in action! Experience the power of an innovation ecosystem with technology scouting automation, innovation software with co-creation, ideation and more through our expert guided idea management demo.

Internal & External Ideation

Workflow Engine with Stage Gating Capabilities

IP Capture Survey

Review Calculators and Automated Analytics

Technology Discovery

Financial Analytics Sourcing-Crunchbase et al

Patent Searching

Project Management Module/Kanban Reporting