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open innovation challenge Encapsulation Delivery Technologies

Open Innovation Challenge for Encapsulation Delivery Technologies

Global Ideation Campaign to Identify Advanced Delivery Technologies

Fernandina Beach, Florida: Disruptive and transformational solutions are at the forefront of innovation. eZassi, a leader in open innovation software, crowdsourcing and idea analytics, announces the launch of a new open innovation challenge, “Delivery Technologies.”

A global industry leader is seeking ideation, co-creation, conceptualization and expert solvers to submit ideas and technology approaches to improve Delivery Technologies of controlled delivery and release mechanisms, encapsulation chemistry or with the ability to enhance the properties of consumer/commercial goods through delivery technology.

With eZassi’s proprietary cloud-based innovation portal, all ideas and technology solutions that are submitted are secure and intellectual property rights are automatically maintained and protected for all parties involved. All interested innovators can safely and securely participate online in the Delivery Technologies Challenge by visiting Twitter users can follow the challenge through #deliverysystemchallenge.

“Innovators sometimes feel too scared to share and they don’t want to be at risk with their ideas. With our proprietary innovation challenge technology software, we offer bilaterally secure idea protection. The innovator is safe and so is the client,” says eZassi’s CEO, Peter Von Dyck. “Innovators don’t want to lose their rights and the challenge owner does not want to miss out on a great innovative idea and opportunity to align with new innovator and organizations. Through our unique online idea capture software, we provide a new level of online security and automation to ensure the parties have a higher potential of finding each other and potentially aligning on something new and exciting.

About eZassi: eZassi is a global Open Innovation enterprise software platform that includes a full set of integrated solutions that help client’s cyber scout for ideas and partners, accelerate decision making with high powered analytics and collaborative workflows while also reducing intellectual property (IP) risks inherent with social ideation and co-design.