Technology Discovery for Scouting and Landscaping

Technology Discovery

A Tech Discovery Engine is a must-have tool for any Tech Scouter or Researcher.  Ezassi’s Tech Discovery Engine mines millions of worldwide publications, patents, trademarks, grants, conferences, clinical trials, tech transfer, subject matter experts, organizations, news, and web activity to identify new markets, technologies, and key players.  Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you, start searching for your next core, adjacent, or transformational innovation today!

Discover Emerging Technology

Focus Your Research & Discovery Efforts


Our built-in discovery tool mines millions of worldwide data sources, well beyond traditional search engines, to help identify new and emerging technology, track trends, locate potential partners, source vendors, and find subject matter experts. Our tool will save you significant time and resources, improve your target searches, help uncover adjacent technologies, and save you money.  

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Experience Innovation Software Excellence with Built-In Technology Discovery

Effectively pursuing innovation in a fast-paced and competitive market requires a level of global awareness and diligence that is impossible without the help of powerful technology. Ezassi’s tools will allow you to mine big data and take a deep dive into the digital universe to help identify prime targets for innovation and capitalize on opportunities.

The Power of Working Within Technology Discovery

Harness the power of data and technology to gain the competitive edge.

Understand the Market and the Competition


Get to know your competition and identify potential trends by taking a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Detailed analysis of direct competitors
  • Real-time information on new patents, grants, trademarks, etc.
  • Insight into R&D and IP Development

Track Trends and Perfectly Time Your Next Move


Technology discovery tools allow you to track trends over time, decide how your company should respond to the market, and view what your competitors are doing.

  • Suggested terms and results clustering
  • Data filtering on patents, grants, news, location and companies
  • View and target specific trend evolution over time
  • Customized feeds, topic following and saved searches

See Where Innovation is Happening


Mapping tools provide a visual of exactly where innovation is taking place around the world. You can go directly to innovation hot spots and connect with the best experts who can help you drive innovation at your own company. Technology landscaping will help you collaborate with the right people and take advantage of the creative energy of a certain region.

Bringing It All Together

The main dashboard allows you to easily view and digest important information and updates at a glance. The homepage will display: 

  • Suggested keyword honeycomb
  • Top organizations at-a-glance
  • Innovation quick-view hub
  • Commercial readiness data
  • Search filtering
  • Most relevant records (patents, grants and research papers)

Innovating with Ezassi Software

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Our Technology Scouting team works with R&D and engineering departments across all industries to help them solve for their innovation pain points. We pride ourselves on the ability to operate in the rapidly moving global arena and have perfected the art of identifying disruptive and emerging technology, locating startups, and sourcing vendors.

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