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Investing in corporate innovation allows companies to adapt to changing market conditions, stay ahead of the competition, and meet customers’ evolving needs. It enables companies to explore new ideas, technologies, and business models that can drive growth, increase efficiency, and create new revenue streams.

Jennifer Creech, Ezassi CEO

Idea Management Software

Ideate, Collaborate, and Innovate 


Ezassi’s Idea Management Software provides a central point for collecting and managing ideas, allowing employees, stakeholders, and customers to contribute ideas, collaborate, and provide feedback in real time, wherever they are, fostering an innovative culture and encouraging a wider range of perspectives.

  • Public and Private Communities
  • Structured and unstructured idea submission
  • Surveys with stage gating for bilateral protection
  • Robust workflows for task automation
  • Email notifications with details and direct links to the next steps
  • Announcements and a Leaderboard to highlight activity
  • Gamification or rewards based on participation
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Technology Discovery Software

Scouting Tool to Uncover Emerging Technology and Build a World Class Innovation Portfolio

Scout the web, including some of the world’s most comprehensive databases, to identify emerging technologies, target strategic partnerships, and connect with subject matter experts. From technology scouting to technology landscape reports, Ezassi’s platform supports tactical solver-focused researchers’ global search for incremental, adjacent, or transformational innovations.


300 million source records including Publications, Patents, Trademarks, Grants, News, Conferences, Clinical Trials, Tech Transfer, Organizations, and Subject Matter Experts.

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horizon scan report

Technology Discovery Services


Tech Scouting Services & Market Analysis Reports


  • Trend Scan Report – Summary of the latest developments in a current or emerging technology to identify potential disruptions to an existing business or market.
  • Technology Scouting Report – Tactical engagement to identify leading technologies, startups or other solution providers around the world to help solve innovation needs.
  • Technology Landscape Report – Strategic overview to survey a technology’s potential for future growth, including emerging trends and threats, as well as potential areas for investment or development.
  • Horizon Scan Report – Overview of an emerging technology or scientific breakthrough, and how it is likely to impact a specific industry or market in the years to come.
  • Technology Intelligence Report – Industry-specific subject matter experts assess a technology domain and its market analysis, including current and future opportunities, threats, and competitive insights, imparting strategy and actionable knowledge.
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Do it yourself innovation software
A Tech Discovery tool for R&D professionals and innovation departments
innovation solutions consulting
Training for best practices in Tech Scouting & design in Innovation Pipeline Management
Innovation Strategy for you
Execute Market Research and create a Tech Scouting or Tech Landscape Project

Pipeline Management Software

Configurable collaboration tool to manage your Innovation Pipeline


Flexible enough to handle the most complex innovation projects with an easy-to-configure kanban-style innovation pipeline management system where tasks are created, members collaborate, and progress is tracked. Advanced search, including attachment content, makes our tool the leading pipeline management software. 


  • Add project items and members as you go
  • Add records from the discovery tool to a project item
  • Move project items through phases from discovery to product launch
  • Use Powerful analytics to track KPI’s and measure ROI
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Innovation Consulting Services

Resources to Build a Successful Innovation Portfolio


Innovation Strategy Solutions

Methodologies and frameworks which create a structured and systematic approach that drives growth, competitiveness, and value creation.



Innovation Program Management

Plan, coordinate, implement, and monitor projects to foster innovation to achieve desired outcomes and business growth.


Accelerate your Innovation Goals

Innovation Management Solutions

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