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Innovation and Idea Management Software
Built to Accelerate Time-to-Innovate

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Safe, secure idea capture

Internal and external idea submission

Unlimited challenges

Unlimited users

Easy to use stage-gate workflows


Idea & Open Innovation Management  Solution
with IP Protection

Customizing an open innovation & idea management platform for your innovation challenges

Structured, digital interview

Bilateral IP protection

Layered approach for terms and conditions

Idea submission auto scoring

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Smart Innovation Technology to Accelerate Innovation

Uncovering disruptive innovation and solutions with a unique, proprietary cyber scouting technology.

Proprietary Cyber Scouting Technology

A unique approach utilizing a curated and dynamic network process. A curated network of over one million expert solvers and real-time scouting using proprietary searchbot technology. What makes this unique is we are finding solvers and technology in real-time for the duration of your challenge, with great success.

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crowdsourcing technology

Open innovation management software solution with a crowdsourcing component. Whether you are looking to launch your innovation challenge to your enterprise or the world through cyber scouting or crowdsourcing technology, Ezassi’s Demand Generation tool reaches your targeted crowd.

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Your Challenge

The Ezassi open innovation management software platform is a cloud solution configured for each client’s open innovation principles, strategy and desired work flow with a customized look…

idea managment platform
Your Enterprise

The Ezassi Open Innovation software system is capable of integrating with downstream enterprise systems like PLM and IAM — allowing the front end of innovation to connect and coordinate with the back end of innovation.

Managing Innovation Can Be Overwhelming

What do you value in your open innovation solution?

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Your Open Innovation Challenge, Your Way

Open Innovation enterprise software platform with a full set of integrated solutions.

Branding Your Way

Fully customizable portal with your branding, your desired interface technology and more.

Cyber Scouting Technology

What's your desired reach? The universe or your enterprise. Demand Generation Technology is here.


Want to sustain and enhance user engagement within your challenges? Ezassi technology offers extensive gamification technology.

Social Integration

Built-in social media integration and monitoring. Keep the momentum going through sharing, interacting and social commenting.

IP Protection

Making the complex simple. Digitizing the disclosure process and minimizing IP risks for all parties.