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Innovation Program Management

A customized innovation solution for your organization

The most impactful innovation programs incorporate specialized software and consulting services for innovation strategy, technology discovery, market intelligence updates, and open innovation resources.  Ezassi Innovation Services provide best practices to round out a successful Innovation Portfolio.


Our expert team helps identify the potential of your organization’s innovation capabilities, ensuring seamless execution and maximum return on investment. Ezassi consultants will work closely with you to design and implement a customized innovation program that aligns perfectly with your business objectives. From ideation to implementation, our idea management, technology discovery, and pipeline management triad of software enable your greatest innovation initiatives. Let’s explore the endless possibilities and drive transformative innovation together.


Ezassi can implement Open Innovation Challenges for your business.

Crowdsourcing has never been easier! We direct our clients in technology discovery and innovative growth in their industry.

  • Run challenges on Ezassi’s industry-leading platform without having to license the software.
  • Our team will set up, host, and manage the challenge for you, whether you are looking for a point solution or seeking a more strategic grand challenge.
  • We offer a turnkey solution for your innovation team if you do not have the time or resources to launch a challenge on your own.

We Do It For You!    Learn More about Challenges managed by the Innovation Experts at Ezassi.

Bespoke Innovation Program Services

Regardless of your need, existing resources, or capabilities, Ezassi’s service experts can help augment your innovation program, from ideation to technology scouting.

Features of a Bespoke Innovation Program with a comprehensive Innovation Management System from Ezassi:

Idea Collection
An effective innovation program should have access to ideation software, which allows users to easily submit, track, and manage ideas from customer or vendor feedback, internal creative problem-solving sessions, and industry input from essential subject matter experts.


Collaboration Tools
Innovation management software should provide users with a collaborative platform to facilitate brainstorming, discussion, and pipeline management among diverse project teams from the fuzzy front end of innovation to the back end of innovation.


Reporting and Analytics
An excellent innovation program sets goals for ROI2. It has features that permit easy KPI reporting and analytics capabilities to measure the progress and success of its initiatives along the innovation pipeline.


Automation functionality streamlines the innovation process and helps ensure that ideas are managed efficiently, accountability is clear, and team members are informed of project progress.


Gamification features improve engagement and can help motivate users and encourage them to participate in innovation. These metrics also assist managers in rewarding teams who carry the responsibility of the innovation portfolio.


Technology Discovery tools to uncover emerging technology opportunities, key players, market trends, and leading subject matter experts help transform your business while ushering in the next generation of product and service capability. Integration of this crucial solution into the Innovation Management platform is paramount for competitive advantage and risk mitigation.

Innovation Strategy for you

Project Management software alone is rigid and lacks the critical components of innovation: sustainable idea generation from a connected network of internal and external solvers as well as access to compelling research for incremental, adjacent, and transformational industry change. Project managers with standard tools is not enough to realize the innovation potential of your organization. Your Innovation team deserves the most modern, complete solution for Innovation Program Management.


If you are just getting started with your Innovation Program, you can also speak to our team about the first steps in a systematic approach to Innovation Strategy.
Our consultants provide the framework and methods that best drive business growth and new initiatives. Let’s discuss your Innovation Program and its goals for the future.

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