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Technology cyber scouting case study.

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Technology Cyber Scouting Case Study
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Seeking Disruptive Solutions for Improving Delivery Technologies

Encapsulated delivery technology, encapsulation chemistry, the ability to enhance the properties of consumer/commercial goods through encapsulation technology.


The confidential client, an S&P 500 member and global product manufacturing company, sought a new technology to deliver to their customer-base. The client exhausted their internal and external network and looked to go beyond the outreach of technical audience of solvers they developed and utilized over a 50-year span.


Implementation of Ezassi’s cyber scouting approach to identify, dissect and deconstruct key traits and attributes of the client’s technical challenge, allowed Ezassi to capture specific, exclusive characteristics. With this atomization process, unique innovators were uncovered. Identified solvers were contacted through various outreach channels.


Using Ezassi’s structured data capture method, targeted solvers submitted ideas through a safe and secure process that eliminates Intellectual Property (IP) risk to protect both the submitter and the client. The project included an unbranded, Ezassi powered, project-branded microsite to capture solver registration (including Terms and Conditions protocol), provide detailed information about the challenge and the process, launch automated emails to the registrants and solvers and capture the idea submission, all while keeping the client confidential.


In addition, upon submission, each idea captured was rated and scored through the automated system. Each idea submission resulted in a confidential InnoVision™ report, displaying the submission quality score. Through this automated scoring technology, the client was able to easily identify top-rated submissions and focus their initial idea advancement efforts accordingly.


The results are geared towards quality versus quantity. At the end of the 12-week project duration Ezassi identified 686 uniquely targeted solvers across the globe. 25 qualified idea submissions were captured and three (3) innovative solutions are in negotiations between the client and the solver.