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Innovation Software Case Study: Creating a Culture of Innovation
with Innovation Software



Global Health Care Consumer Products and Solutions Company


While companies tend to focus their efforts on providing customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction is even more important and vital to the ongoing success of the company. With this challenge, the client was focused on ensuring that employees feel engaged, empowered and appreciated, creating a culture of innovation and recognizing this as a dynamic process that goes well beyond the initial hiring and innovation efforts. Part of the challenge was to achieve employee satisfaction even as the company adds new employees and new, innovative products, adapting to the demands of evolving markets. Our client looked to harness innovation to make a difference in the company and create a strong and steady culture of innovation, so that it is an everyday part of their internal culture, processes and employee accountability.


Ezassi helped to create an internal culture of innovation campaign that included key performance indicators (KPI) components, by utilizing the innovation software platform to execute the campaign, launch internal innovation challenges and track success metrics. The internal campaign involved developing and implementing internal innovation processes and creating and communicating campaign material, email blasts, news and announcements. The Ezassi innovation platform houses collaboration projects and trending technology incubators with metrics to track innovation success, engagement activity and KPI targets. Another major component of the project was developing an innovation portal/micro website, that could serve as a centralized location for access and to understand the innovation focus and initiatives.


Employees were motivated on a continuous basis through innovation engagement activities that, included: idea submission, collaboration participation, idea voting, commenting, idea review and advancement workflow activity. This process ensured that employees were not only submitting ideas, but also identifying the best ideas and actively moving them down the innovation pipeline. The culture of innovation campaign was further supported by continuous communication that relied on a complete demand generation approach with timed communications, announcements, release of challenges, reward items and quarterly and annual KPI incentives.


The client’s “Culture of Innovation” is a continuous project whose success is measured by specific milestones. During the initial phase of the project, 96% of employees actively engage with the innovation platform. Of those, 75% showed regular engagement, with active use of 50+ times per year. A full 55% were identified as power users who participated 10+ times per month. In total, 36% of employees continuously participated in corporate-wide collaboration introducing unique, innovative ideas into the system. Of those submissions, 56% reached an advanced review stage for technology innovation. Through the KPI measurements tracked within the innovation software platform, measuring and reporting on employee activity, 55% of employees received their full innovation bonus and 20% received 50% of their bonus.


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