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Idea Management Software

Ideate, Collaborate, and Innovate — all-in-one software

Managing innovation projects using spreadsheets and collaborating via email is a thing of the past.

Gone are the days of struggling to manage projects through email. Designed by innovators, the Ezassi ideation collaboration platform brings people and projects together in a way that cultivates collaboration and innovation. Collaborate across departments or across the globe with colleagues, as well as outsourced experts and consultants. Manage your team and projects with real-time reporting, to-do lists and schedules to keep on task, stay on track and evolve your projects faster.

Collaborate across departments and across the globe with ideation collaboration software.

The Ezassi ideation collaboration software allows you to collaborate anywhere, in real-time. Instantly create your collaboration team or group in one-click and start your project. With unlimited members, unlimited teams, unlimited projects, you can let creativity run wild without having to worry about additional fees. All of your collaboration is housed in one place in order to streamline communication and collaboration. Instantly view, share and manage all the important content and files related to a project.

Intuitive Interface

The sleek collaboration dashboard features an intuitive interface so that your team can hit the ground running without having to worry about mastering complicated software.

Superior Security

Safely and securely exchange documents, files and correspondence without having to worry about security breaches or loss of intellectual property.

Flexible and Scalable

The Ezassi collaboration platform can transform any size business and is flexible and scalable enough to grow with you. Enjoy custom solutions that help increase brand visibility and recognition.

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Communicate with your team and key decision makers.

The Ezassi ideation collaboration software solution goes beyond simply providing a centralized location to house communications. Team members can monitor projects, receive instant alerts when comments or replies have been posted, receive curated content on emerging trends and easily upload files and share updates via social media. This means that key decision makers can monitor projects and act quickly when it is time to go from research and development and actually take a product to market.



Analytics improve workflow
and measure performance.

Use powerful analytics to drive decision-making. Ideation and collaboration analytics can be used to identify performance gaps and measure results against certain benchmarks. Your team can use this data to improve workflow, establish and improve stage gates and monitor collaboration as projects move through the development process. The dashboard can even be set to show links to curated content that is relevant to your project so that your team is staying on top of emerging trends. Move products and services to production faster with powerful and easily configurable analytics.

Ideation and collaboration software with API integration.

An open API means that Ezassi’s collaboration software easily integrates with your existing solutions for a truly comprehensive approach to sharing and collaboration. Get the most out of SharePoint, Office 365, Slack and other solutions.