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Revitalize your Innovation Mission Through Compelling Conference Participation

How do you best position your company to adopt an innovation mindset?

Hiring a Chief Innovation Officer or relying on Corporate Product Intrapreneurs to champion the innovation culture is certainly an intentional first approach for many companies. Maintaining innovative energy and focus from year to year and project to project will continuously be a challenge though unless your innovation leaders have an opportunity to recharge their creativity, share ideas and best practices, and consider leading innovation management platforms.

Innovation Networking, Best Practices, and Knowledge Sharing

Upcoming innovation conferences are a compelling occasion to reignite your company’s innovation mission. Product development, research professionals, and UX or digital transformation creators can all find value and inspiration meeting with like-minded innovation thought leaders from around the world and across a variety of industries. Grow cross-enterprise collaboration and strengthen an organization’s innovation expertise at one of this season’s conferences.

cparity events

Industry Summits sponsored by Cparity
Network and share core innovation best practices and foster beneficial partnerships which will support innovation solutions in business through disruptive technology.


Impact, brought to you by Innovation Leader, intended specifically for corporate innovation strategy and R&D professionals. Informative speakers, interactive sessions, and take away resources on all things Innovation will help your group facilitate new discussions, ideas, and initiatives across your Innovation Ecosystem.

Innov8rs is a resource for corporate innovators to learn new approaches, solve challenges, and improve outcomes. In addition to conferences, it also offers CoLab, an advisory board membership level, as well as breakout communities to expand your network.


FEI Front End of Innovation – Build connections with others interested in innovation strategy and join conversations with industry leaders managing productive innovation portfolios and ideation. 

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” - Matt Mullenweg

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Support a time of massive growth and unparalleled focus for your Innovation team at an upcoming conference so that they capably direct their innovation portfolios with adaptability, creative energy, and alongside a strong network of innovation enthusiasts. Innovation departments require robust management tools to support these initiatives – from technology landscaping to ideation to collaboration with powerful innovative software from Ezassi. Let’s talk about your Innovation goals.

Collaboration & Ideation

Private and Public Groups

Configurable Collaboration Kanban

Workflow Engine to Automate Tasks & Notifications

IP Protection Capabilities for External Ideation

Review Calculators and Analytics

Ranking, Leaderboard & Gamification

Searchable File Repository - Including Documents

SSO for Platform & APIs for Ideation

Tech Discovery Module for Emerging Technologies

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