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FEI Boston: Front End of Innovation Conference 2018 – Boston, MA

Discover The Unlimited Potential of Innovation at The FEI Innovation Conference 2018

April 23-26, 2018 — Boston, MA


Join Ezassi at FEI Boston Front End of Innovation Conference 2018.

Stop talking about the value of innovation and start delivering on it at FEI Boston Front End of Innovation Conference 2018 with 4-days of 600 Innovation, R&D and Product Development executives.

Demo Our State-of-The-Art Innovation Software and Technology Scouting LIVE
at FEI Boston!

Meet our Head of Global Innovation, Alecia Anderso, at FEI Boston and take a test drive of our Innovation Technology Solution. See for yourself how you can innovate faster.

An Innovation technology that captures and manages internal and external crowdsourced ideas with a dynamic and unique technology scouting solution, crowdsourcing and network building modules. We help businesses rethink how they scout, manage, sustain, engage, analyze and innovate with our industry-leading technology. The goal of the Ezassi crowdsourcing and innovation software technology solutions, is to help our clients accelerate innovation.


Technology Landscaping Free Analysis

Using technology landscaping and market analysis capture deep insight and analysis, specific to your technology needs.

In competitive markets where technology is constantly evolving, the ability to identify and understand emerging trends in real-time is an invaluable and essential tool. With Ezassi’s advanced software, technology landscaping and market analysis tools are built-in so that the latest information and access to experts in your field, is right at your fingertips.


Who Should Attend the FEI Innovation Conference?

The FEI Innovation Conference is designed to help you master the art of serious innovation with elite leaders at the world’s most innovative and ambitious companies. From Elizabeth Merrick May, the Head of Customer Insights at Nest to Mark Smith, the Creative Director of Innovation at Nike.

Elizabeth Merrick May,

Head of Customer Insights at Nest

The FEI Boston Innovation Conference Highlights

Crowdsourced Innovation, Competitive Advantage and Speed-to-Market

FEI Boston 2018 Conference Quote

The FEI Boston Innovation Conference speakers represent experts who have been able to effectively execute these different areas of innovation and help companies to change their approach to innovation.

Innovation can feel like a broad and abstract concept, which is exactly why the conference is focused on providing practical and actionable ways to drive innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to listen as global business thought leaders discuss proven methods for implementing new approaches to innovation.

Key Topics to be Addressed

at the FEI Boston Innovation Conference

  • Why do most large companies wither and die?
  • Managing through volatility: lessons from the great transformer
  • Chasing innovation
  • The attack of the unexpected
  • What makes creative people tick? Structuring and operating creative organizations
  • Transforming and accelerating innovation at P&G
  • and MUCH more!

The FEI Innovation Conference 2018 is The Playbook on Innovation


The FEI Innovation Conference 2018 promises to be a truly impressive gathering of thought leaders who are committed to pushing their companies and their technology forward; exploring new ways to cultivate innovation across traditional boundaries. You’ll have access to speakers like Jeff Wilson, a PhD professor who lived in a dumpster for a year and turned this comical challenge into an innovative company on track to completely change the way we view our home. From large giants to startup founders, innovation is at their core and they’ll be sharing the playbook used to innovate at all levels.