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About Us

A powerful, customizable open innovation management software system

Open Innovation is Ezassi

Ezassi is an industry leader and first in the area of open innovation management software. Beginning in 2004, Ezassi started the innovation journey through invention. With several inventions under the Ezassi umbrella the identification of the open innovation software need developed and transformed into what it is today — a powerful, unique and flexible open innovation management software product.


eZassi is innovation. Creating and developing our open management software solution to grow with our clients' needs and wants.

Client Satisfaction

We guarantee client satisfaction. Our clients' are satisfied because we deliver what we promise.


We couldn't be successful without being flexible. We work within our clients' timeframe and customize our open innovation software product for our clients.


At eZassi we are all solvers. We have the ideation mindset and we think to solve and we succeed in solving. As we learn something everyday, we'll leave ourselves room to grow here.

The eZassi Innovative Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Creech

Visionary, strategist, leader.
Accelerating time-to-innovate.

Chief Financial Officer
Ray Brandstaetter

Innovator, visionary, numbers guy.

Chief Customer Officer
Walter Galler

Innovator, visionary, technical guru, client relations.

Chief Innovation Officer
Denise Fletcher

Visionary, thought leader, transformational
leadership, professional speaker.