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Ezassi is Innovation

Ezassi is an innovation solutions company that combines people, process and technology to improve products, accelerate innovation and move ideas to market.  Our technology is leading the industry, our approach is modern and dynamic, and our people bring it all together to make us the only choice when it comes to innovation solutions.

Our technology landscaping software is one of the best in the industry. It utilizes searchbot automation to find the latest in emerging technology and innovators. It provides insight into markets and the competitors, tracks trends, and visualizes innovation around the world. 

Our innovation management software was one of the first to offer both internal, and external IP protected idea capturing capabilities.  It provides a system of record, an environment to collaborate, robust workflows, and progressive analytics to accelerate time to innovate. 

Our innovation team brings it all together by supporting the needs of our clients.  We help develop internal cultures for innovation, teach a modern approach to tech scouting, and work directly with R&D and engineering departments to identify key targets. 

Ezassi Innovation Team

Jennifer Creech

Chief Executive Officer


I am fortunate to be leading a team of innovative thinkers.  We have worked together to build a strong culture of innovation.  From our leadership to our client support we are constantly improving the technology and processes involved in successful innovation.  Our modern approach to tech landscaping along with the tools to support innovation are leading the way to incremental, adjacent and disruptive ideas inside and/or outside company walls, safely.  Whether you need scouting tools, innovation software or a complete solution, the Ezassi Innovation Team is here to help you succeed. 

-Jennifer Creech, CEO

David R. Jones, Ph.D.

Chief Research Officer



Robyn Silber

Vice President Finance






Matthew Heim, Ph.D.

Chief Innovation Officer



Stephanie Creech

Vice President Product Development & Marketing



Eric Haulotte

Vice President Innovation Management Services


Lisa Kowitski

Vice President Business Development




Adam Allred

 System Administrator


Patrick McDaniel

Technology Advisor


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