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Innovation Management Services

Ezassi Innovation Management Services help clients build successful, adaptable, and sustainable innovation programs.


Innovation Strategy SolutionsCorporate alignment, best practices, and KPIs to support innovative culture and growth

Technology Discovery & Market Analysis Reports to complement R&D and insight for Innovation Programs

Innovation Program ManagementChallenge-as-a-Service Open Innovation and Custom Innovation Program Services

Innovation Strategy Solutions

Create a culture of innovation, track progress with innovation KPIs, and build efficient workflows for crowdsourcing within collaborative systems to drive growth and mitigate risk in competitive markets.

Ezassi offers innovation services that help companies deliver incremental, adjacent, and transformational successes. If building a culture of innovation is your priority, we can get your team focused on idea management and cross departmental collaboration. Clients looking to measure progress toward big goals use our tools to provide insightful metrics and key performance indicators for important innovation projects.  Whether looking to complement your internal R&D efforts or expanding your program to open innovation, we have the resources to successfully crowdsource solutions while providing IP protection for all submitters.


Ezassi goes beyond technology. We help our clients develop a complete Innovation Strategy.

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Innovative Culture

Developing a culture of innovation internally leads to higher employee engagement, empowerment of your employees to assist on solving some of your most vital problems, an effective method for capturing their ideas and acting on them and finally, an increase in cost-savings.

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Technology Discovery & Market Analysis Services

Harness the power of data and technology to gain the competitive edge by understanding the market and the competition, see where innovation is happening, and track trends to perfectly time your next move. Effectively pursuing innovation in a fast-paced and competitive market requires a level of global awareness and diligence that is impossible without the help of powerful scouting technology.

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innovation program management

Innovation Program Management 

Navigate the endless possibilities which drive transformative innovation. Our dedicated consultants collaborate with you to create and implement a tailored innovation program that perfectly aligns with your business objectives. With our cutting-edge software for idea management, technology discovery, and pipeline management combined, we empower your most ambitious innovation initiatives.

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