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Innovation Cultures, Technology Scouting & Open Innovation

In addition to industry leading technology Ezassi offers innovation programs that help companies deliver incremental, adjacent and transformational successes. If building a culture of innovation is your priority, our team can get your team focused on innovation and cross departmental collaboration. If you’re looking to complement your internal R&D efforts, our tech scouting program can uncover new and emerging trends. If you want to expand your program to open innovation, we have the resources to successfully crowdsource solutions while providing IP protection for all submitters.


Ezassi goes beyond technology. We help our clients build successful innovation programs.

Innovation Culture Program

Some companies make the mistake of assuming innovation comes from the top-down, and that leadership can simply dictate that innovation is a priority and then expect results. Cultivating an innovation mindset begins with the individual and happens over time. With each new idea that is encouraged and nurtured, or with each unlikely collaboration that yields positive results, the capacity for innovation grows within the individual and the company.

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Technology Scouting Research Program

Harness the power of data and technology to gain the competitive edge by understanding the market and the competition, see where innovation is happening, track trends to perfectly time your next move. Effectively pursuing innovation in a fast-paced and competitive market requires a level of global awareness and diligence that is impossible without the help of powerful scouting technology.

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Open Innovation Management Program

Open innovation is more than just a buzzword, but it does have the tendency to feel like an abstract concept that lacks concrete boundaries that can be easily defined. Most businesses recognize that open innovation is essential to remaining competitive but aren’t sure where to begin. A successful open innovation program needs to consider both the company that is looking to expand beyond internal R&D and the IP of the submitter.

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No matter where you are with your innovation program the Ezassi team is here to help. 



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