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Cyber scouting case study seeking unique solvers.


Cyber Scouting Case Study
with External Innovation Software

Cyber Scouting Case Study for Cyber Security


Seeking Challenge Submissions from a Unique Audience with Top Secret Clearance


The cyber scouting case study involves a global management consulting firm with deep roots in the defense industry was seeking to understand the current state of employment satisfaction among cybersecurity professionals who possess top secret security clearances. Understanding this would be critical to helping the organization develop staffing and compensation strategies to attract and retain these high demand individuals with the highly desirable skill sets.

This client had been unsuccessful in attempting to secure this data by using their traditional methods of information gathering. Due to the inherently secretive constraints in which these professionals typically operate under, they are notoriously difficult to find and solicit.


The firm came to Ezassi after learning about our proprietary approach to search and attract targeted groups of individuals that could solve various types of highly specific, innovation challenges. This process, which we call cyber scouting, goes beyond the typical approaches of mining curated networks of individuals, and uses a proprietary mix of data mining and searchbot technology to crawl the Worldwide Web to unearth new disruptive solutions and innovators, in real-time.

After quickly researching the space and creating a set of search criteria, the cyber scouting team at Ezassi launched the challenge. The goals were to identify and reach out to these individuals with an offer that would be enticing enough to bring them to a web-based landing page where they would be able to confidentially share their opinions.


Within three weeks, Ezassi was able to successfully drive over 250 qualified solvers to the landing page where we received submissions from 147 participants. This successful project provided results that tripled the number of submissions the client felt would deem the project a success.