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Innovation Software Case Study: Pharmaceutical External Innovation Management Software

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Global Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing


Understanding the need to accelerate the innovation process in order to maintain and increase revenue results, the Client, a large, global pharmaceutical company, sought an innovation platform to promote technical challenges and implement a system to secure and protect innovation discoveries and submissions. Knowing that within the pharmaceutical space there are technologies under development all over the globe, the Client sought to cross-pollinate technology solutions. An ideation platform to capture internal and external innovation would allow them to capture ideas worldwide.

The desire to have an innovation management system in place would help the Client promote, manage, review, advance and speed up the time-to-innovate.


The implementation of an Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) software solution provided the Client with a safe and secure platform to promote technical innovation challenges. With the platform, the Client was able to promote multiple challenges at one time, across several product lines with a structured idea capture method. The structured idea capture format limits the submission of intellectual property (IP), providing a layered approach to terms and conditions to protect both the client and solver. This feature accelerates the NDA process from several months to a few weeks. In addition, the EIM platform, included:

  • Internal and external idea capture
  • Unlimited challenges
  • Bilateral IP protection, protecting the Client and the submitter
  • Auto-assessment scoring of idea submission to easily identify top submissions
  • Ability to collaborate, brainstorm and expand upon existing ideas to improve productivity
  • Automated network building
  • Dynamic idea submission dashboard to view, sort and filter all ideas
  • Fully automated, idea advancement stage-gated workflows customized for each product line
  • Idea advancement ideation and collaboration
  • Customized analytics charts and graphs with detailed drill-down functionality


By implementing an Enterprise Innovation Management software system, within a four (4) year timeframe, the Client received 194,000 idea submissions from internal and external solvers. 73,000 were deemed qualified for initial consideration using the automated assessment feature. 31,000 submissions advanced with the automated stage-gate workflow component. 20 idea submissions moved to acceptance and completion (an average of one (1) to two (2) per month). The vast user network spans across 34 countries and is being used for current and future technology solutions. The disclosure process significantly decreased. Historically the process would take four (4) to nine (9) months. With the platform, the process now takes two (2) to three (3) weeks — accelerating time-to-innovate.