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Technology Scouting Software Case Study: Cyber Scouting for Mobility Technology Solutions
Global Startup Discovery




Partnerships between enterprise businesses and startups have become an essential component of innovation development. These unique collaborations provide mutually beneficial opportunities where startups can receive vital funding and enterprises can play a role in leading innovation. This challenge began when Ezassi was approached by an innovation consulting firm and technology incubator to assist with a project to identify startups around the globe that are involved in defining the future of mobility.


The goal was to identify young companies within these emerging technology areas with the end goal of facilitating partnerships between global corporate industry leaders and the most promising startup talent. More specifically, the company was interested in finding startups who are working to shape the future movement of people, goods and services to instantly deliver frictionless, automated and personalized travel for individuals and businesses.


A proof of concept project was developed to measure the effectiveness of Ezassi’s proprietary Technology Landscaping software and search methodologies against the manual approach that the client had been using. Both methods were thoroughly tested in order to accurately measure and quantify the effectiveness of each approach. Click here to view our Comparison Chart.


Based on the client’s own analysis, Ezassi’s proprietary Technology Landscaping software and search methodology surpassed their previous methods with every metric, including:


  • Total start-ups sourced: 408 with 197 passing the initial vetting process.
  • Ezassi’s software identified companies at a 98% duplication rate as compared to the company’s results.
  • The cost to generate these results were 31% lower using the Ezassi approach with a final total of $11,000 vs. $15,960.
  • The time to generate these results was 50% shorter with the Ezassi approach – three weeks vs. six weeks.


Essentially, by automating the sourcing process with Ezassi’s proprietary Technology Landscaping software and proprietary search methodology, the company reduced the time and cost of identifying and vetting possible startup partners. The software was also just as effective in identifying partners while also speeding up the vetting process for a more effective and efficient process that will ultimately allow the company to be more innovative and competitive.


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