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New Approaches for In-Home Lead Testing in Drinking Water

We are seeking innovative consumer systems for testing lead in drinking water. Solutions should be a means to prove or qualify the water consumers drink and use with their families. Ideally solutions would range from simple devices or kits small enough for a kitchen counter or able to reside under the sink, potentially as part of a filtration system.

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Seeking revolutionary ways to improve current liquid concentrate coffee dispensing machines Challenge

We are seeking revolutionary ways to improve current liquid concentrate coffee dispensing machines by either developing a new low-cost solution or evaluating a new market model.

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Lightweight Sensing & Communication Technologies for Airborne Applications

We are seeking to uncover innovative sensor or sensor network communication technologies to carry out persistent surveillance from the air for High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS), High-Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE), or Medium-Altitude, Long-Endurance (MALE) aerial surveillance platforms.

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Seeking solutions for oxygen scavenger additives for polyolefin packaging of manufactured foods and beverages

Campbell’s Ideas for Innovation

The Challenge: Provide an oxygen scavenging solution that can be easily integrated into food and beverage polyolefin packaging. Solutions should provide conventional oxygen scavenging mechanisms while retaining the common desired characteristics of the food or beverage packaging.

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Health Care Technology
Open Innovation Challenge

Exploring new and innovative ways to speed-to-market with new innovative solutions, product technologies, solutions and enhancements to help create total health and hygiene solutions. Have an innovative idea in the area of infection prevention, surgical solutions, respiratory health, digestive…

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Thermal Management of Portable Lighting Products Challenge

We are seeking techniques and technologies to aid in the thermal management of portable lighting products such as headlights, flashlights, and lanterns. As LED technology improves and competition for more lumens increases, there are ever-changing requirements to increase performance while keeping external temperatures safe for the user.


Moisture Migration Control in Bread
Campbell’s Ideas for Innovation

Moisture levels in bread are critical to maintain freshness, control microbial growth and modulate mouth-feel and texture. In the world of baked breads, having multiple textures in a single product is highly desirable and provides cues of freshly…


Non-Flammable Lubricants in the Workplace
Innovate With WD-40 Challenge

The WD-40 Company is committed to providing high-quality and high performing products to you that are as safe as possible. Do you currently have a need for a non-flammable multi-use lubricant? If you have innovative ideas, we would like to hear more.


VOC Exempt Solvents
Innovate With WD-40 Challenge

The WD-40 Company is always searching for new, innovative ways to keep our lubrication products performing at their best while meeting EPA regulations. Solvents are often used in numerous products and can be a key source of VOCs…


Seeking New Ideas for Particle
Suspension in Fragrance Sprays

Now seeking innovative and disruptive solutions that will bring new dimensions to the visual aesthetic or active delivery benefits of sprayable fragrances. Our client, a global industry leading organization, is actively seeking revolutionary…


Seeking New Fragrance Delivery Technologies
for Rinse Off Products

Fragrance Delivery Technologies for Rinse Off Products. If you have an innovative idea or solution that can add new dimensions to the controlled delivery and release of complete fragrance accords, we want your thinking.


Seeking New Base Formulas
for Triggered Fragrance Release Technologies

Alcoholic EDTs and EDPs continue to be a cornerstone of the fine fragrances market. Due to consumer preference and religious restrictions with the use of volatile solvents like alcohol, there is a potential future limitations use…


Seeking Breakthrough Solutions Regarding Penetrant Products

Do you have ideas or solutions that can you believe can advance existing penetrant products or technology, or perhaps have an idea for a completely new product solution or approach, then we want to hear your thoughts. Our client, a global industry leading organization, is actively seeking…