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Innovation Management Software Alternatives


TechScouting3 (1)

Technology Scouting integrations

including Crunchbase and Patents

SocialSignon3 (1)

Social Sign-on using LinkedIn,

Google and Facebook and more

SingleSignon3 (1)

Single Sign-on for seamless accesses

for all internal collaborators

IPProtection3 (1)

IP Protection for crowdsourcing

open innovation submissions

RobustWorkflow3 (1)

Robust Workflow for stage gates

and automated assessment

SurveyBuilder3 (1)

Advanced Survey Builder for structured

and unstructured idea submissions

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As markets become increasingly globalized, and therefore more competitive, Open Innovation will be a driving force.
Do not let resistance to change even in the face of evolving markets prevent you from using employees, customers, and outside experts who can transform your products & services by generating and implementing innovative solutions.