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Open Innovation With Intellectual Property Protection

IP Protection for the Submitter and the Company Seeking Innovation


The development of a robust open innovation (OI) program hinges on the ability to successfully navigate the challenges of intellectual property protection. Several companies limit their OI opportunities due to concerns of potential lawsuits filed against them by people who submitted ideas for consideration. Many talented inventors choose not to participate in OI programs because of fears that their concepts will be used without compensation. Ezassi provides an automated, streamlined system that protects both the company (client) and those who submit ideas for  consideration. With our program, you create an environment of trust and confidence that encourages the best and brightest to offer their innovative concepts to your company.


Types of Submissions


There are three levels of ideas that are submitted through a typical corporate OI process:


  • IP Class 1: Relatively simple concepts that are non-patentable due to public knowledge or information.
  • IP Class 2: These ideas are not always patented or patentable, however they contain the possibility of patents or trades secrets that can provide value.
  • IP Class 3: Patents and trade secrets exist and are essential as entry barriers and to recoup R & D costs.



IP Classes 1 and 2 are easily addressed through basic OI systems because they are based on a concept or innovation based on public domain information. The challenge is how to create a fair and safe system for your company to accept the more valuable IP Class 3 innovations. Our program uses a proprietary structured capture methodology which allows you to receive and evaluate these projects with maximum, bilateral IP protections for both you and the submitter. This system reduces the risk of lawsuits and increases the quality of submissions.

Ezassi and IP Protection


IP protection is a priority of our system because it is the foundation of trust upon which relationships with innovators is built. A robust bilateral IP protection program creates a platform that draws the best and brightest to your doorstep while establishing your reputation as an honest organization that respects the rights of external innovators.


Our system makes this possible because it:

  • Is automated, which automatically documents the who, when and what of the submission process.
  • Utilizes an Idea Capture Methodology to evaluate and analyze concepts to ensure only the best are passed on for further consideration.
  • Is formatted as an “interview” or question/answer session to determine current IP status such as patent or patent pending, and to learn more about the concept and the submitter.
  • Includes mutual confidentiality agreements to protect both parties.
  • Utilizes a due diligence to evaluate potential market size, manufacturing issues and regulatory challenges.


Through this process, you are confident that the best innovations are available for consideration and use while the submitter knows that their ideas are protected and valued.