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Ezassi Innovation Solutions

More Than Idea Management Software

Going beyond idea management and helping our clients impact the bottom line with innovation solutions.



The best in innovation solutions — technology, automation and consulting.

Combining the best in technology automation, software, processes, expertise, consulting and other services to ensure that every client can achieve successful innovation. Using proven methods, Ezassi can help create a customized plan for an innovation program that produces results.

Most idea management software providers often fall short.

Most providers fall short when it comes to offering the expertise, support and guidance it takes to successfully integrate new technology and processes into an innovation program.

We recognize the need and have the expertise to deliver.

Many clients turn to us after disappointing partnerships with other providers who only deal in software.

What We Do For Our Clients

We recognize that our clients need additional help implementing
processes, services and strategies within the software and their
company, which is exactly what sets us apart.


Specialized Innovation Consulting

Our team of seasoned professionals help define a clear innovation roadmap for our clients, and  make adjustments along the way. Our experts have worked with major brands like Campbell’s Soup, Energizer, WD-40, Citibank and other household names to create disruptive innovations and expand their reach, leading some of the world’s most innovative brands and creating sustainable businesses.

Big Data Scouting

Big data scouting zeros in on new, disruptive solutions and innovators from around the world. A strong, client-proven process, we incorporate data mining from more than 40 million data sources, implement artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning components. Our process cultivates targeted data, filters and analyzes readiness level criteria and incorporates vetting analysis to identify subject matter expertise, startups, acquisition targets, patents and more. Big Data Scouting helps our clients focus their energy in the right places.

Technology Scouting

Using Ezassi proprietery automated Technology Scouting tools, our curated network of over 2 million solvers and Ezassi scouting experts we data mine and crawl the digital universe with searchbot technology to unearth new, disruptive solutions and innovators for our clients.


Increasingly, true innovation requires going beyond the walls of your business and building an innovation network that includes experts from variety of fields. We crowdsource innovation communities where clients can ideate, collaborate and innovate with internal and external sources like employees, suppliers, partners, community members, researchers, academia and others. This type of crowdsourcing often creates opportunities for unlikely collaborations and new perspectives that fuel innovation.


Innovation Programs

Traditional hierarchies and processes can make it difficult to simply implement innovation programs without also taking deliberate steps to create a company culture of innovation. Ezassi helps clients rethink processes so that managers and employees feel empowered to innovate and share ideas. Our proven methods can effectively transform companies so that innovation happens naturally.

 Innovation and Idea Management Software

State-of-the-Art 3-in-1 Innovation Software


Capture Ideas

Run, launch and promote your innovation challenges and projects, your way — with full client flexibility. The Ezassi platform is designed so that clients can create a project or challenge, in minutes and assign that project to any community. Capture ideas from your internal (employee workforce) or external crowd, safely. The Ezassi platform is designed to safely capture ideas with a proprietary bilateral IP protection approach.

Ideate and Collaborate

The Ezassi Innovation software platform houses a full set of collaboration features. Collaboration happens in many ways within the Innovation system. Similar to Social Media UX, users can collaborate by commenting, replying, messaging, chatting, uploading and linking files/media and rating and scoring user engagement — AND earn points while doing so, with our robust gamification component.

Technology Landscaping Software

Keyword driven, searchbot technology software, allowing the insight and capability to instantly identify solvers, new technology, trending technology, adjacencies, extensive competitive comparisons and analysis, commercial readiness levels and so much more. With this new software technology, the system cultivates, narrows the results and identifies expert solvers from universities, research labs, startups and individual skilled sources. Our clients fuel innovation with Technology Landscaping.

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