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NEW Technology Landscaping and Market Analysis Software

Allows you to capture technology and market intelligence and manage ideation — all in one place.

In competitive markets where technology is constantly evolving, the ability to identify and understand emerging trends in real-time is an invaluable and essential tool. With Ezassi’s advanced software, technology landscaping and market analysis tools are built-in so that the latest information and access to experts in your field, is right at your fingertips.


“The most reliable way to forecast the future is to try to understand the present.”


— John Naisbitt

[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Technology Landscaping Uses in Innovation Software

By tapping into a larger data set with ease, your organization can more readily source solutions, focus in on more targeted ideas and leverage trending data to make effective decisions moving forward. More data means a more accurate picture of the environment you’re working within, making decisions that have a higher impact. 


Learn about the top uses for Technology Landscaping analysis, benefits and functionality. Click below to view and download the infographic.

Experience Innovation Software Excellence with Built-In Technology Landscaping

Effectively pursuing innovation in a fast-paced and competitive market requires a level of global awareness and diligence that is impossible without the help of powerful technology. Ezassi’s tools will allow you to mine big data and take a deep dive into the digital universe to help identify prime targets for innovation and capitalize on opportunities.

The Power of Working Within Technology Landscaping

Harness the power of data and technology to gain the competitive edge.

Understand the Market and the Competition


Get to know your competition a little better and identify potential trends by taking a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Detailed analysis of direct competitors
  • Real-time information on new patents, grants, trademarks, etc.
  • Insight into R&D and IP Development

Track Trends and Perfectly Time Your Next Move


Technology landscaping tools allow you to track trends over time decide how your company should respond to the market and what your competitors are doing.

  • Suggested terms and results clustering
  • Data filtering on patents, grants, news, location and companies
  • View and target specific trend evolution over time
  • Customized feeds, topic following and saved searches

See for Yourself!

Provide us with your technology keyword(s) and we’ll run your Technology Landscaping analysis for free.


See Where Innovation is Happening


Mapping tools mean that you can visualize exactly where innovation is taking place around the world. You can go directly to innovation hotspots and connect with the best experts who can help you drive innovation at your own company. Technology landscaping will help you collaborate with the right people and take advantage of the creative energy of a certain region.

Bringing It All Together

The main dashboard allows you to easily view and digest important information and updates at a glance. The homepage will display: 

  • Suggested keyword honeycomb
  • Top organizations at-a-glance
  • Innovation quick-view hub
  • Commercial readiness data
  • Search filtering
  • Most relevant records (patents, grants and research papers)

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