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Innovating Consumer Packaged Goods 

CPG Innovation for new Consumer Products

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Companies disrupt the market through careful monitoring of consumer trends and incorporate new materials and methods ahead of their competition. Are you interested in broadening your range of products? Finding potential partners, reliable vendors, novel technologies, and industry subject matter experts is no longer a daunting task for R&D teams equipped with our leading tech discovery software. Organizations focused on eco-friendly design and circularity while continuously striving to improve their response to personalized and inclusive products are creating new categories with success. Innovation is an organization-wide effort, so seek one customized collaborative innovation platform to empower your business decisions, accelerate your innovation cycle, and delight your customers.

Innovative Insights & Research Reports
pfas free package

Open Innovation Challenge

PFAS-Free Packaging

Redesign packaged goods to resolve a pressing global challenge.

NTA food authentication

Technology Discovery R&D

Food and Beverage Trends

Research on food safety, traceability, and quality novel ingredients.

Technology Scouting Report

Smart Connected Packaging

Intelligent packaging for traceability data and consumer engagement.

Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Packaging 

Researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park, have introduced an innovative approach to discover promising biodegradable plastic alternatives. Their method, outlined in a paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, combines state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with molecular science. Traditional methods for finding sustainable plastic substitutes are often time-consuming and yield suboptimal results. In contrast, this machine learning-based approach accelerates the development of environmentally friendly, all-natural plastic substitutes that meet essential performance standards. By combining automated robotics, machine learning, and active learning loops, the researchers aim to create materials suitable for manufacturing and industry settings. These advancements could significantly impact products in consumer packaged goods (CPG), offering versatile and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastics.

Innovations in Agriculture and Food Systems: The Path to Sustainability

The “Appetite for Change” report highlights the urgent need for transformative, sustainable agricultural and food system innovations. From precision farming and regenerative methods to novel food production tech like cellular agriculture and biofortification, cutting-edge approaches can boost yields, enhance nutrition, and minimize environmental impact. Innovative solutions tackling the staggering issue of food waste, such as upcycling, smart packaging, and AI supply chain optimization, are also critical. For consumers, businesses and policymakers alike, staying informed about the latest agriculture and food innovations empowers stakeholders to drive meaningful change toward a greener, healthier food future.

food sustainability

Eco-Design and Circularity in Consumer Goods

The world is witnessing a powerful and inspiring shift towards a community of eco-conscious and socially responsible buyers. Let’s focus on an innovative and responsible product that aligns with these values, specifically eliminating single-use plastics. Repurpose manufactures ocean-safe, biodegradable tableware made from plant materials. Its product line is projected to double this year, scaling sustainable innovation in consumer goods.  “We wanted to focus on innovation and partnerships and in doing so, we created a brand new category with incredible everyday products for everyday people. In my mind, there is nothing better.” -Jordan Silverman, Repurpose Co-Founder & COO

Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Innovation

L’Oreal is putting its best face forward by introducing the groundbreaking handheld smart makeup applicator that seamlessly blends state-of-the-art technology with cosmetics. Inclusively designed to meet the needs of those facing hand-motion disorders from stroke, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease, and individuals facing mobility challenges, HAPTA is a new computerized makeup assistant. “L’Oréal Research & Innovation is accelerating its drive for continuous progress, helping all the different types of beauty around the world and the consumers of tomorrow.” -Barbara Lavernos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Research, Innovation and Technology

Mobile Ready Smart Packaging- Inclusive, informative product pack programs for the sight impaired

Zapvision is designed to enhance the accessibility of product packaging for everyone, providing total independence when purchasing and searching for products, whatever your visual acuity. It is a system by Zappar that enables brands to provide important product information to consumers by reimagining QR codes with their patent-pending D3 ‘dot-dot-dash’ pattern. This allows brands to convert existing QR codes into Accessible QR codes without having to make any major design changes to their packaging or introduce an additional code scheme. Customers can scan AQR codes in store or at home and quickly access relevant and important product information such as ingredients, usage instructions, and promotional offers from 3x the distance of normal QR scanning. Accessible QR codes provide an opportunity to future proof your business as changes across CPG and retail sectors demand innovative mobile ready packaging.   

CPG Industry

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