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Innovation Solutions for Today’s Food and Beverage Industry

A Fortune 500 Food and Beverage Company looking to innovate its product lines with new ingredients sourced from international suppliers anticipated a need for experts in food fraud prevention and quality control, to meet compliance obligations and ensure customer safety. They turned to Ezassi as a research partner and innovation strategist to source the relevant emerging ingredients and innovative technologies and to develop their ecosystem of vendors, suppliers, startups, and subject matter experts.

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Ezassi’s Technology Scouting and Innovation Management Software

Simplifies innovation across a complex food supply chain system and helps CPG clients better connect with its most valuable customers. In addition, we provide reliable R&D services such as this White Paper on the topic of non-targeted analysis (NTA) of foods.

The Innovation Challenge:

What is a modern, cost-effective, and efficient method leading industry best practices for food authentication, safety, and quality?

The Solution:

Non-targeted analysis (NTA) methods can detect and identify new, unknown, and/or unexpected compounds and can be instrumental in pinpointing unsafe contaminants in food. Engagement with suggested subject matter experts and specific service providers specializing in this technology jump-started the client’s access to novel analytical methods for food authentication.

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Ezassi’s Technology Discovery Research Reports

Another example of Ezassi R&D services is a Patent Landscape Report which provides vital information on the technologies, patenting, and innovation trends for the food and beverage industry.  Please submit the form below to access the full report on microencapsulation for Food and Beverage (as well as Pharma), to provide a resource for researchers and product development teams.

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Innovating Food and Beverage is crucial to maintain market share and brand loyalty. Find additional strategies for this industry here.

  • What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your business?
  • What initiatives does your R&D team need to take on to guarantee your products remain prominent on the shelves and accessible in the shopping cart?
  • What are some strategies to mitigate potential food recalls and build consumer trust?

Partner with Ezassi to stay informed on emerging technologies that impact the Food and Beverage industry.