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Ezassi to attend FEI Boston 2018

Ezassi to Attend FEI Boston 2018: What to Expect

We will be attending the annual FEI Boston 2018 event. While there, we’ll be showcasing our innovative platform and processes that have helped our client base increase user engagement, time-to-innovate, number of ideas and, most importantly, quantifying how it affects their bottom line. We’ll be networking on location and attending social events to answer questions and ask some of our own. After working in various industries, we’ve found some similarities that make the innovation process effective and streamlined. We’ve seen first hand how developing a culture of innovation internally leads to higher employee engagement and empowerment that helps solve some your most vital problems.  Many companies are trying their best to create innovation within their companies but still struggle. We bring a level of expertise and processes to build and implement a culture of innovation successfully.


The FEI Boston Innovation Conference is designed to help you master the art of serious innovation with elite leaders at the world’s most innovative and ambitious companies. Companies attending are anywhere from 3M to Philips to Pfizer and Xerox Services. Companies are beginning to wake up to innovation and what it can mean for the future of their companies. Both culturally and financially. Wanting a culture of innovation and actually building/sustaining one is completely different. The FEI Boston speakers will help you better understand what that process should look like, and not just from a theoretical standpoint, but from personal experience. You’ll be given access to what is currently working to evolve your innovation efforts and make it yield real results.





Peter Koen will be going into detail as to why most large companies end up withering and dying. Magnus Lindkvist, a Technologist, will be breaking down how to expect the unexpected in his amazing Keynote – The Attack of the Unexpected. Keynotes will be given by speakers from innovative companies like Nike, P&G, and Nest. With such a diversity of speakers and industries, there seems to be a pattern that many of us can use within our own companies and industries. This group of speakers are the innovators within their respective industries, changing the way they’re field thinks about solving problems, what problems they will face in the near future and what innovative solutions need to exist. Nest, as an example, has completely changed the way we view our home environments. Rather than simple walls, we live within an ecosystem that can be optimized for health, power efficiency and even security. Taking on these challenges can lead to an increase of lifestyle that we could have never dreamed of only a few decades ago.


To provide value, Ezassi will be demoing our latest platform release – including our technology landscaping. We’ll also help you break down your current innovation efforts to figure out any bottlenecks, ensuring that process is effective and engaging and then helping you to streamline the whole thing. Innovation can also mean a spectrum of things – from internal Challenges to IP Mitigation, Crowdsourcing, and even Startup Acquisitions.


We’ve built our company to plug into your current innovation problem set, break them down effectively and then develop a successful plan based on that. Whether it’s helping you map out your competition, doing trend analysis or technology scouting for a new project. We’ve built solutions, like our crowdsourcing ideation platform that has an impact on our client’s bottom line almost instantly using incremental process improvements with direct innovation.