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How Ezassi Could Outperform Your Current Innovation Platform

Crowdsourcing innovation is becoming a standard operating procedure in many industries because it shortens R&D time, reduces costs, improves market responsiveness, and creates a collaboration network, all of which supports the development of cutting-edge products and services.  The biggest challenge with open innovation (OI) is implementing a structure for success. Ezassi has done just that, providing a powerful, industry-leading platform that outperforms the competition.


What We Do Better

Innovation means taking a new approach to an existing challenge, and it requires a platform does the same. In November 2016, Ezzasi launched an update, further integrating the best tools and features to maximize user OI opportunities. The result is five specific processes that set us apart:

  1. Technology Scouting. Our software is a technology-driven solution that is not limited by a curated network. Instead, we use a deconstruction engine and bot crawler system to find unique solvers to match your needs and an automated outreach feature that invites those solvers to join your innovation team.
  2. Social Sign-on and Auto Profiling. This feature eliminates the biggest barrier to contributor participation, by allowing innovators to sign in with social media profiles, which automatically populate many of the standard data fields. It also includes deep searches and user profiles, allowing you to search for specific expertise within your network.
  3. Intellectual Property Protection. Fear of losing intellectual property rights is the primary reason many experts don’t participate in OI. Ezassi’s IPP is a powerful, dual-protection system that removes this barrier, bringing the best and brightest to your door.
  4. Automated Assessment & Analytics. Using an “interview” type assessment process and filters you select, our program automatically identifies the highest quality ideas for your consideration. The platform evaluates marketability, manufacturing challenges and regulatory issues, assuring that the ideas you see have the highest potential ROI. This process saves you time and money while guaranteeing that the best concepts don’t fall through the cracks.
  5. Manage Innovation to Final Product. Ezassi doesn’t let great ideas disappear into files, never to be seen again. Instead, it uses a system of reminders, status updates, and outcomes to help shepherd the submission through the product lifecycle to on-the-shelf merchandise.

Are you ready to take your Open Innovation System to the next level? Ezassi has the tools you need to access solvers within your company, across the country, or around the globe. Customizable to match your requirements, we have the most powerful and flexible system on the market. Contact us today to learn more or request a demo.