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How Ideas Flow Through an Innovation Software Platform

We’ve written about the innovation software process before, but understanding how ideas flow through innovation software is very important from a couple of perspectives, depending on which style of innovation you move forward with; internal or external.


Ideas Flow Through Innovation Software
Innovation – The Unstructured Idea Capture Format

The first style of an innovation process we should talk about is the unstructured style. With open innovation software, you open yourself up to collaboration among users, to better develop, collaborate and iterate on ideas, don’t put much in terms of limits on those ideas (allowing for more creativity and disrupting ideas) and ultimately create an environment to innovate safely with your innovation resources. This format is used when users have signed off on the necessary terms and conditions and non-disclosure agreements. Many customers use this internally, where all ideation and innovation is safe from IP risks.


open innovationHow a submitter submits their idea with an unstructured submission within an innovaton software platform is quite different from that of a structured one. As mentioned above, a submitter on an unstructured idea submission is free to submit all ideas they believe to be of value to the company. Not only can they submit an idea without restriction, but those ideas also become public view so that others may vote and collaborate on that very same idea. This style of innovation lends itself to more engagement from submitters and employees.


Ideas Flow Through Innovation Software
The Innovation Challenge

The other style of innovation is the structured platform. This style is typically used to solve specific problems and will therefore limit submissions and require them to fit within set criteria. By doing so, you will limit the amount of submissions gained, but all submissions will directly relate as a solution to the problem or challenge purposed.


Ideas Flow Through Innovation Software
Using Client-Specific Criteria

As a submitter, I would be taken through a survey style questionnaire that would quantify my idea on the criteria you’ve set. So, if my idea is separate from the type of solution you’re looking for, I wouldn’t be allowed to progress. These submissions are not put in public view or collaborated on as it isn’t considered open innovation.


innovation software


Now that you understand the two “styles” of innovation you’re better suited for deciding which one works best for the outcome you desire. If you’re looking for more creative ideas on problems you haven’t even been aware of or would like more engagement from employees, perhaps you should focus on pursuing open innovation software. But, if you have a very specific problem you’re solving for, especially for a new product, you may want to close your doors a bit and focus in using structured innovation.