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Robust Innovation Management Workflow

Powerful, customizable, easy-to-use innovation management workflow.

How powerful is your innovation management system’s idea advancing workflow?

A critical component of an effective Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) system is the ability to manage the workflows of an unlimited number of idea submissions. You need to do more than collect and view the submitted ideas. You need a structure to develop innovation from ideas to marketable products. Ezassi’s innovation management workflow component provides a very robust functionality with easy-to-use structure that allows you to manage every step of the process, from initial idea review stages through to product lifecycle management (PML) stages.



Idea Advancing Stage-Gate Workflow


Innovation Management Workflow: Complete Control and Customization

Unlike other innovation management workflow products, our system keeps control of workflow establishment and customization where it belongs – with the client user. With our system, you can create unlimited workflows, depending on your internal structure. You can have a workflow for each product line or category, using your stage titles and customizing each one with the assigned team of reviewers.

Our innovation management workflow component is intuitive and highly flexible:

  • A to Z workflows that capture every aspect of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Workflows that automatically eliminate unnecessary steps based on product type or design elements.
  • Workflows that automatically assign projects to specific personnel or user established groups based on product type or design.
  • New workflows by copying existing ones and modifying them to the new project requirements, eliminating the need to create new workflows from scratch.
  • Workflows with different entry and exit points.
  • Other customizations that you define.

These customization options remove obstacles, such jumping through unnecessary hoops or creating unneeded documents, which exist simply to satisfy steps in a single organization-wide workflow. Instead, it allows you to develop logical workflows for specific products or projects.


Innovation Management Workflow integration with Product Lifecycle Management

The Ezassi workflow easily integrates with a variety of PLM software options. It also manages multiple workflows, so every project receives the attention it deserves. The workflows can include every step of the process, including:

  • Concept Analysis
  • Project Definition and Differentiation
  • Project Establishment
  • Project Execution
  • Project Implementation

Every workflow can include as many steps and stages as you choose, from fabrication to packaging, to assure that nothing is missed as you transform an idea into reality.

Intuitive and Highly Flexible

Innovation Management Dashboard and Graphics

The Ezassi dashboard allows you to assign and monitor workflows with a simple click of a mouse. When selecting a specific workflow, a timeline appears that shows you where the product is in the workflow, including steps that have been completed as well as the current status. With the workflow component of the dashboard, the status of any project is literally at your fingertips.


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