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One Innovation Management System for Every Step of the Process

With Ezassi’s Innovation Management system, we provide the ability to request, collect, analyze and act on amazing innovation ideas from within your organization or from submitters around the world external to your company. Our clients are in a variety of fields including healthcare, consumer package goods, consumer product, food and beverage, sporting goods and more. The system is designed to help any organization find amazing solutions or innovations and structuring the process of developing those concepts into a product or service.

The Challenge


We operate in a consumer-driven market yet few companies have the ability to quickly resolve problems or innovate to customer demands. Most organizations do not have a structure in place, or the resources to manage internal or external innovation. Great ideas get dropped into suggestion boxes or emailed to supervisors who don’t have the time to take these concepts to the next level. Fewer companies actively seek external innovation and do not have the bilateral intellectual property (IP) protections needed to successfully address this option. The Ezassi system is the only program that supports the development of the internal and external innovation flexibility to remain successful in today’s changing market. Robust applications of all facets of the open innovation process are contained in our one completely integrated system.

The Solution

Today, leading companies are using our system to:




Cyber scouting allows you to define your target submitter and reach them through the best channels, including internal and world-wide communications. Our system reaches beyond your existing network to find the best solutions for your needs. Our advanced cyber scouting software crawls the web to find ideal potential participants in your innovation and is seamlessly integrated with the rest of our system.



Ezassi provides all the tools you need, from bilateral intellectual property protection through analytics, to address all your OI needs from one platform.



Our customizable dashboard gives you all the resources you need to sustain user and community engagement through idea challenges, gamification, rewards and initiatives.




Ezassi supports gamification, rewards, collaboration and learning and uses notifications and alerts to keep innovation concepts active throughout the development process. Gamification rewards users points for participation allows them to redeem those points for prizes you choose such as iPads or Visa gift cards.



Our powerful, advanced analytic tools provide the information you need to assess ideas, determine areas of focus or need, identify problem solvers and evaluate ROI value.

The Ezassi system will grow as your needs expand. Most initial users don’t understand the power of OI and their experience with Ezassi impacts their entire organization. Innovation shifts from an exception to an expectation which leads to market growth and expansion. Let Ezassi transform your innovation process through its end to end solutions that transform ideas into realities. Request a demo.