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Technology Discovery and Market Analysis


Reports to Complement R&D and Insight for Innovation Programs

Ezassi offers a client-customized research program with AI-powered search automation technology scouting and market overview reports. Curating a subject matter expert solver ecosystem or analyzing future trends impacting your industry landscape, we provide recommendations and next steps for growth opportunities. Regardless of your industry or innovation program maturity, our innovation services are available to support your research initiatives, assisting departments driving innovation in your organization.

tech discovery report

Trend Scan Report – Summary of the latest developments in a current or emerging technology to identify potential disruptions to an existing business or market.


Technology Scouting Report  – Tactical engagement to identify leading technologies, startups, or other solution providers worldwide to help solve innovation needs.


Technology Landscape Report – Strategic overview to survey a technology’s potential for future growth, including emerging trends and threats and potential areas for investment or development.


Horizon Scan Report– Overview of a novel technology or scientific breakthrough and how it will likely impact a specific industry or market in the coming years.


Technology Intelligence Report – A Horizon Scan imparting strategy and actionable knowledge through subject matter expert interviews concerning a future technology domain and its impact on an industry.


Technology Discovery Report

health wearable technology

Trend Scan Report

Health Wearables

CPG connected packaging

Technology Scouting Report

Smart Connected Packaging

Technology Landscape Report

Carbon Capture (“CCS”)

NFT and Fintech Industry

Horizon Scan Report

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS)

Trend Scan Report

Ezassi Trend Scan is a quick look at a new trend/technology and provides a valuable overview, including its impact and potential. The research (<2 business weeks to complete) is synthesized into a “meaningful snapshot” to allow core, adjacent, or transformational innovation. 


  • Using AI-powered search automation
  • Searching more than 40 million data sources
  • Key target identification and reporting
  • Subject Matter Expert Verification
  • Final client review

Technology Discovery for R&D and Innovation Programs

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Technology Scouting Report

Explores a potential target technology with solver-focused research and is narrower in scope, supporting shorter termed goals in a business challenge. It is a tactical report used to identify collaborative partners and vet adjacent industry relationships to position new ideas as achievable in fast-paced competitive markets.

Ezassi Technology Scouting is a three (3) to four (4) week project designed to uncover relevant technologies and experts. Ezassi scouting professionals perform this project, and it includes:


  • An executive summary with recommendations
  • A list of potential partners, investments, and IP opportunities
  • Vetting of solutions against your requirements
  • Analysis of emerging tech readiness, funding, and trends

Technology Landscape Report

Surveys a technology’s potential for future growth, including emerging trends and competitive threats, as well as areas for investment. It identifies the long-term opportunities that are realized by innovation and develops the strategic plan for these goals from the top down of an organization. It is more in depth than the Tech Scouting Report.

An Ezassi Technology Landscape is a six (6) to eight (8) week engagement designed to advance your project by communicating with potential solvers and engaging with SMEs.  Ezassi scouting professionals perform this project and includes:


  • Detailed market growth drivers and segmentations
  • Benchmarking of technological developments
  • Mapping of the competitive ecosystem
  • Identification of licensing and collaboration prospects
  • Scoring and filtering of targets by priority

Horizon Scan Report

Ezassi Horizon Scan is a forward-looking assessment ~ 10 years into the future, to surface key technology trends and innovations that are expected to impact product quality or result in new forms of products.


  • Using AI-powered search automation
  • Searching more than 300 million data sources
  • Key target identification and reporting
  • Subject Matter Expert Interviews maximum of 5
  • Final Client review

Technology Intelligence Report

For those aiming to delve even further into the realm of innovation disruption, the Technology Intelligence Report is a full analysis by industry-specific subject matter experts across a technology domain and its market outlook, including current and future opportunities, threats, and competitive insights.



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