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FEI Boston Speaking Topics Innovation 2018

FEI Boston Speaking Agenda For The Annual Conference

FEI Boston Speaking Agenda

The FEI Boston Conference 2018 is designed to help you stop talking about innovation and to leave with a blueprint to immediately begin to take action and build your own culture of innovation.

Overview of Agenda:

8:30am – Morning Welcome

8:45am to 10:15am – Keynotes and speakers

10:15am Morning Networking Break

11:15am Track break (tracks 1,2 and 3)

12:30pm Lunch

1:45pm Track break continuation

3:15pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:15pm to 5:30pm Keynote Speakers

5:30pm Cocktail Hour

Below are a few of the FEI Boston speaking agenda topics:


Why Do Most Large Companies Wither and Die?


Ed Catmull, a Keynote speaker at FEI Boston will be outlining techniques and ideas on leading creative organizations. Some of the leadership philosophies he explores include: Addressing hidden barriers to creativity, uncoupling fear and failure, preparing for unknown problems and ensuring that a company’s communication structure does not mirror its organizational structure. He also discusses the importance of getting the team right if you want to get the ideas right and always working on making the process better, but knowing the goal is to make something great.

FEI Boston speaking topics

Chasing Innovation


Does the theory ever match-up with the reality? In 2001 Mike found himself on a stage receiving a finalist certificate for a prestigious innovation award. He had no idea how he got there, but was determined to find out. Hear the story of the curious twists and turns that led to that innovation. How does that reality match-up with the theory? Since then he has chased elusive innovation through the corporate world, and will share some stories from 15 years’ experience as an innovation manager. Why do so many innovation programs fail? What can we do when that happens, and what can we do to prevent it?

Transforming and Accelerating Innovation at P&G


Innovation has been at the core of P&G’s success model for its 180-year history, and continues to drive our growth. P&G has a long history of innovation, and has consistently innovated how we innovate. We are undergoing a significant transformation of our innovation capability, with investments in digital Innovation, Connect & develop, and Lean Innovation capability. this transformation is occurring on our big brands as well as new ideas across the company. Learn how we are learning faster, failing faster, creating “startups” inside P&G, partnering externally, and running more experiments on both products and business models in Front End Innovation to accelerate learning and ultimately speed to market.

FEI Boston Speaking Agenda

Managing Through Volatility: Lessons From The Great Transformer


Jeff Immelt, 9th Chairman and Recently Retired CEO at G.E. believes the task of CEO has never been as difficult as it is today. He should know: He led a team of 300,000 people for 16 years—through recessions, bubbles, and at least three “black swan” events. He transformed General Electric from the quintessential American conglomerate into an innovative, digitally-focused global powerhouse. In the words of the Harvard Business review, “Immelt utterly remade the organization he inherited.” How did he do it? How does a leader not only persevere, but thrive, in spite of crises? How do companies create meaningful, lasting value for their customers? Immelt answers all these questions and more, sharing key takeaways from the initiatives he implemented and inspiring audiences to embrace change so that their organization, like GE,
is ready for any future. This is one of the highly anticipated FEI Boston speaking topics.

The Attack of the Unexpected


The Attack of the Unexpected. We live in a digilogue world of fast-walking feminized urbanistas, 020-revolutions and bungy-trends*. It is easy to miss the forest for all the trees swishing by on our swift journey forward. In this presentation, Swedish trendspotter and futurologist will help you to zoom out to gain a new perspective on changes in our industry and beyond. more importantly, he will give you a toolkit to create the future, not just adapt to the current trend landscape.

The FEI Boston Conference 2018 is designed to help you stop talking about innovation and to leave with a blueprint to immediately begin to take action and build your own culture of innovation. Below are a few of the FEI Boston speaking topics: