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the common stages of innovation

What are the most commonly used innovation software stage-gate process stages? When deciding upon your stages of innovation, it’s important to understand what those stages should be and how to best manage an idea at each stage. To clarify the process, we want to break down the most common stages within an innovation software stage-gate process. Innovation Software Stage-Gate Process Stages Identified Innovation Software Stage-Gate Process #1: New Naturally, all ideas will start at the New stage. This is your innovation idea inbox and where most of your sorting will take place.   Innovation Software Stage-Gate Process #2: Request for Information After an idea has been deemed interesting as a possible solution, the organization will typically require more information to dive deeper into the idea, what’s involved and the requirements or limitation of the proposed solution. Reaching out to the submitter will enable you to better understand the submitters background as an expert and how they will...

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accelerate innovation innovation software

Innovation should move swiftly, but often it’s quite a sluggish process for most. It’s so important to have an innovative system in place to ensure your process is working not only smoothly, but effortlessly, to accelerate innovation. Your time-to-innovate should be a key metric to measure. It tells you exactly how efficient your process currently is. How long does it take for an idea to go from brand new submission to the last stage of your process or drop off?     A proper innovative solution would include features of automation and streamlining. Automation lends itself to a hands-off approach which frees more time to focus on the high priority submissions you’ll be getting from your submitters. The key feature you’ll want to be autonomous are mainly communications between the system and your submitters, reviewers and collaborators. This pushes engagement through the roof consistently.     Next, we would want a streamlined process for reviewing, deleting...

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innovation software features

Simply striving for innovation isn’t quite enough. Choosing innovation software features or a platform and seem to make things a bit more complicated while getting started. What should you look for in features? What’s important and what isn’t? All questions that we can easily assist you in answering and help you move forward quicker with your innovation strategy.   The right innovation software features are key to the success of your strategy. With the right software, your innovation efforts should feel streamlined, effortless and, ultimately, effective. There seems to be 10 features of interest that you’ll want to look for while choosing your software.   A Branded Microsite A branded microsite helps maintain your brands image while launching your innovation challenges, whether internal or external. Although, this is more important for external challenges. This ensures you maintain control over your branding always and further pushes that image when it comes to innovation so that your...

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disruptive solutions mindset 101 coffee break game changers

Upcoming Radio Show Event - Disruptive Solutions Mindset 101 on Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio LIVE Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET. Disruptive Solutions Mindset. Listen live. Please join us as Denise Fletcher, our Chief Innovation Officer, will be a guest speaker on the Coffee Break with Game-Changers radio show, hosted by Bonnie D. Graham. ...

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Innovation Budget Planning Components Top 10

As a follow-up to our recent blog on “What to Include in Your Innovation Budget” we have created an innovation budget planning components list with 10 key items you should include in your innovation budget for the coming year.   As you will notice as you go through the budget checklist, some of the key components include taking advantage of external resources. As Benjamin Franklin said, “time is money,” so keep in mind that innovation planning may go beyond optimizing internal resources and require you to invest in outside resources in order to speed up production time.     With that in mind, here are 10 key components that should be a part of your innovation budget plan:   Innovation Budget Planning Components #1 Outside Consulting Ask yourself: Do we have the skills and resources necessary for our project research and development? Can we bridge the gap with outside consulting resources?   Whether you need help developing innovation and best practices...

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Innovation Budget Planning Considerations

As you start Innovation budget planning, here are eight things to consider:   When it comes to Innovation budget planning (and R&D), it's typically a laborious process that spans several months with business model canvases, business cases, proposals and pipeline discussions. I remember my inbox being flooded with documents, meeting requests and scientists pushing their research forward for my sponsorship. As Forbes magazine mentioned in an article last year “The presumption is that R&D spending is somehow connected to increased innovation, revenue growth and profits. However, leaders may be asking the wrong questions here. A focus on R&D spending might be a good way to gauge best practice within an industry, but it is not a measure of how innovative any company is. Having a great R&D process and achieving market success with the technologies we invent are two different things.” Nonetheless, budgets are the fact of corporate world and must be developed....

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