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Innovative Solutions Combating Carbon Emissions

New Industries’ Solutions for Moving to a Zero Carbon Footprint

Is zero carbon possible? The bright ideas coming from creative innovators prove we are developing and harnessing new technologies to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels to off set carbon emissions.

The world emits about 43 billion tons of CO2 a year and 87% comes from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil. As the Earth’s need for power grows, so does the necessity for innovative clean power solutions. University researchers, startup incubators, and power industry collaboration show promising disruptive technology to reach carbon zero goals. The commercialization and the opportunity for partnerships across these innovating platforms will bring positive and lasting change to the carbon emission reduction goals of countries worldwide.

Carbon Neutral Start-up Technology

Industries worldwide are focusing on how to achieve carbon neutrality. Innovative ideas and clean power solutions are appearing across university research labs and technology startups looking to disrupt traditional dependencies on fossil fuels.

The startups below are bringing exciting research and inventions to our attention and are looking to collaborate with industry partners to bring these innovative solutions to the market quicker:

Industry: Energy, Alternative Fuels

Infinium Electrofuels are produced from renewable power and waste CO2 and are a clean burning alternative for the transportation sector. They have developed an “electrofuel” technology that can reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector, fueling trucks, planes, and ships.

Industry: Energy, Carbon Waste Recycling

LanzaTech, a biotech company, is innovating solutions for CO2 waste, converting ethanol, lipids and omega-3 fatty acids into viable commercial products. A gas fermentation process turns carbon-rich waste emissions into new plastics, synthetic fibers, and fuels helping create a circular carbon economy. 

Industry: Energy

Emvolon raised 1.5 million in seed money to continue developing their mini chemical plants designed to harness the wasted resources associated with oil and gas processing. It also turns biomass waste into renewable power and chemicals which is a compelling opportunity for stranded resources in modular, customizable design.  Their portable chemical manufacturing platform uses a 40′ container with two converted diesel truck engines which process 300,000 MSCF/Day gas from the well into liquid chemicals. It offers 10X cost savings compared to conventional GTL plants and provides a >90% emissions reduction.

Industry: Energy

Mesodyne has developed a technology that converts fuel to electricity in a palm-sized generator with 10X the energy of a Lithium-ion battery. This technology will enable long-endurance portable power for remote applications such as autonomous vehicles and mobile platforms. The LightCell generator is incredibly efficient because the light emitted by the nanophotonic material closely matches what the photovoltaic cell can convert into electricity. This innovation is particularly attractive as long-endurance power options for defense applications.

How can these emerging technologies become profitable and the worldwide focus to eliminate carbon emissions find synergy to implement big changes quickly? By using Ezassi’s Technology Scouting and Ideation Software to find potential partners and relevant subject matter experts through crowdsourcing ideas in adjacent industries to help bring this much desired transformational innovation to Earth’s carbon neutrality plan.