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Social Media Integration and Open Innovation Software

eZassi Uses Social Sites like Linkedin to Sign-In and Auto Profile Users

How many times have you been interested in something online, only to abandon moving forward when you see a cumbersome sign in process, replete with password entry a confirmation email in the way?

A 2012 study by Blue Research found 86% of people are bothered by the need to create new accounts, 54% consider leaving the site, and 88% say they have given inaccurate information.

What is Social Sign-in?

eZassi integrates with Linkedin, Facebook, and other popular platforms so that with the click of a button, the visitor can “sign-in” and start participating in the open innovation process without creating a username and password and verification email.

Benefits of Social Sign-in

Higher conversion of visitors into users
Increase the amount of people that join your innovation community by making it easier to begin.

Higher participation once a user joins your innovation community. Users can go back to the website and quickly log in without needing to find or reset their username or password.

Auto Profile Population
Once a user registers, they can then auto-populate their information such as degrees, credentials, skills, positions, and organizations.

Benefits of Social Profile Auto-Population

  • Faster for users. Once click and they’re in securely and safely.
  • More accurate profile data as users don’t have to enter each field by hand.
  • More thorough. If the user has to fill in everything themselves, they are more apt to skip fields or give limited information

Social-Sign-in is a critical feature for ensuring maximum participation in your external innovation process.