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Accelerate Innovation from the Front end to the Back end to Drive Industry Disruption

How do you keep the momentum of innovation solutions in your business? The success of your organization’s future growth will be determined by the products and services created from the front end to the back end of innovation, disrupting industries and creating significant market share.

The front end of innovation is critical in laying the proper foundation for a portfolio of projects to develop through a commitment to creativity, change, and growth. This is the period when opportunities are identified and new products or services are first considered.

This phase includes Innovation Strategy and Ideation. When a team commits to the advancement of a new product, service, or business model they imagine a new way to approach a challenge, and communicate this idea for organizational implementation.

The back end of innovation is everything following strategy development and ideation. This includes resource allocation, collaboration, task assignment and project pipeline creation, in addition to product and service development prior to finalizing new offerings. The back end of innovation is driven by tactical Technology Scouting, a targeted research initiative to solve for challenges in the innovation pipeline.

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Innovation Solutions

Solutions that drive this strategic innovation are Ezassi’s Technology Discovery and the Ideation and Collaboration Platform, as well as consultative services for Innovation Ecosystem design. In combination, these powerful tools enable businesses to innovate expertly, adeptly, and purposefully within an organized management system.

Why seek a Technology Landscape Study?

Any well-formed Innovation Management Strategy should include an in-depth landscape of the future of your business and industry. Identify the long-term opportunities that are realized by innovation and develop the strategic plan for these goals from the top down of an organization.


What are the advantages of Technology Scouting Services?

Solver-focused research and narrower in scope, tech scouting reports support shorter termed goals in a business challenge. Identify collaborative partners and vet adjacent industry relationships to position new ideas as achievable in fast-paced competitive markets.

What type of Ideation and Collaboration Solutions can Ezassi provide?

Our innovation management workflow software provides a robust functionality with easy-to-use structure that allows you to manage every step of the ideation and collaboration processes, from initial idea reviews through to product lifecycle management stages.

Your organization seeks a competitive Innovation Strategy and an effective method for managing important Ideation and Collaboration projects. Whether you seek new ventures through your own Technology Discovery or engage Ezassi professionals in these crucial research and scouting services, we provide the technology to innovate faster.

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