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Constructing the Future for Urban Development and Energy Efficient Homes

The intersection of design and technical innovation come close to home in our workplaces and dwellings. Architects of today are tasked to design new buildings with emerging, energy efficient technology for the practical structures of tomorrow while maintaining beautiful and intriguing design elements. Home builders are provided a variety of new opportunities to make construction or renovations of their existing house more energy efficient, livable, green, and cost conscious. Ezassi supports innovation in architecture and building to make the environments we live and work functional and appealing.

Look to Switzerland for the Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technology

A great example of this new building initiative is a collaboration of Switzerland’s ETH, a premier technology research university, and NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies), a modular research and innovation organization accelerating the innovation process in the construction sector. Their most recent projects include the HiLo building, the culmination of today’s best building technology matched with a compelling aesthetic of architectural excellence.



This new design is unique in its lightweight flooring made of thin layers of reinforced concrete connected by an intricate yet strong gridwork of ribs and steel anchors. This grid design uses only 30% of the concrete and 10% of the reinforcing steel of a typical floor. The integration of ventilation, cooling, and low temperature heating systems into the floor structure also adds to its dynamic performance and livability.  Similarly, this structure also incorporates innovative design in climate control and improved user comfort. Building technology such as adaptive solar panels has also been incorporated into the design.

With multi-story buildings rising across international cities, these material reductions and carbon neutral functionalities could represent a major decrease in the carbon emissions of fabrication, construction, and maintenance. That’s great design for the future. Learn More

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Open a Window to New Design Ideas

INOVUES is an innovative company with a Glazing Shield System for windows, curtain walls, and skylights. The non-intrusive retrofit solution protects the existing facade and windows while improving the interior environment and reducing energy consumption.  In addition, the adaptive self-powered version offers even more environmental controls when linked to your existing building automation system. This product is another excellent example of how to launch a transformational innovation using existing technology.  Learn More

Channel New Energy Into Your Home

In the US, around 48% of homes (62 million) use natural gas for heating. Currently, these homes rely on natural gas from the street. An Anaerobic Digester is an airtight container used to produce biogas from organic raw material. Scrubbed biogas is Renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG could replace natural gas in the future, but that takes time and significant infrastructure costs.

Designing a residential Anaerobic Digester with a scrubber to refine the biogas into RNG could transform residential energy. Homeowners with natural gas furnaces could use their organic waste to heat their homes and power their lights. Retrofitting existing furnaces to switch between gas from the street to gas from the residential Anaerobic Digester would allow homeowners to continue using their traditional natural gas furnace while taking advantage of new technology and reducing their reliance on the big energy companies.  Learn More

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Learn how our Innovation Management Ecosystem can take your collaboration, Ideation, and Tech Discovery to the next level.

If your company’s ESG goals are important to its stakeholders, read this additional article on idea management for greentech and sustainability.

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