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The Triple Bottom Line Approach in Innovation Strategy

People | Planet | Profit – their intersection point is Sustainability, and an Idea Management Platform is the best solution to support this critical innovation strategy and the KPIs impacting the triple bottom line.

Ezassi’s Idea Management Software is important for sustainability because it enables organizations to systematically gather and manage ideas for green initiatives, circularity, and improved environmental practices from employees, customers, and other stakeholders. By collecting ideas from a diverse range of sources, businesses can tap into the collective creativity and expertise of their innovation ecosystem to identify potential solutions to their sustainability challenges.

An Idea Management Platform to Focus on Environmental Initiatives

An idea management platform provides a centralized location for idea collection, evaluation, and implementation, making it easier for organizations to track and manage sustainable initiatives. With the help of this software, organizations can prioritize and allocate resources to the most promising ideas, monitor progress towards sustainability goals, and measure the impact of their sustainability initiatives over time.

Culture of Innovation is Nurtured Within your Innovation Ecosystem

An Ideation Platform also fosters innovation culture and corporate pride. By encouraging participants to share their ideas and contribute in the sustainability efforts of the organization, an Innovation Management system creates a sense of ownership and connected engagement in meaningful, environmentally focused initiatives. It also serves as an excellent outreach to your shareholders, vendors, and customers, creating a collaborative network of problem solvers.

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Open Innovation Solutions for ESG Challenges

Ezassi’s innovation solutions play a critical role in promoting sustainability by enabling our clients to gather, manage, and implement ideas for sustainable practices and innovations in a structured and efficient manner. It empowers organizations to leverage the collective intelligence and creativity of their community and turn ideas into actionable solutions for a more sustainable future and to meet their ESG goals.

Our Technology Scouting software identifies opportunities for new partnerships, technologies, and processes in cleantech. Our Innovation Pipeline functionality allows innovative teams across organizations worldwide to implement socially and environmentally conscious projects collaboratively and in less time. Allow Innovation Management Software from Ezassi to support your organization’s most important and impactful ESG goals.

Eco-friendly Innovative Ideas in Environmental Technologies

As a research partner in green technology discovery and sustainability, Ezassi is frequently coming across interesting developments in this sector.

For example, innovators at the University of Cambridge have developed an iridescent, plant-based film that can help buildings cool down passively. The researchers used nano-sized materials made from plant cellulose nanocrystals to create an iridescent effect and then combined them with another layer of cellulose in white on a flexible film that can be applied to windows and building materials. A square meter of the film can generate over 120 watts of cooling power, as much as some air conditioners.  Future scaling of this technology is predicted to color our cities’ structures and vehicles while preventing global warming.

Take a look at some of our articles highlighting other companies and innovations that are helping to combat climate change:

Technology Scouting to Transform Your Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainability

With Ezassi you have the power of technology discovery to quickly identify new potential partnerships. Find vendors with ethically sourced materials, fuel-efficient supply chains, circular product lines, and cleantech innovations. Our market analytics can also help you to reveal risks and opportunities in novel green technologies.

Curious to learn more about innovation solutions like idea management software and technology discovery services for a sustainable product portfolio?