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Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Speaking Topics

Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Speaking Topics

The Innovation and Growth Leadership Summit is a spectrum of new technologies and processes. A place you’re able to learn, meet and network with others around the following topics.


Food Innovation: Recipes for Change

New technologies, emerging approaches for engagement, what today’s leading-edge eaters are predicting for new markets and how social media influencers, shipping bots, and new tastemakers will shape food choices and further define the future of food experience.

Macro-Trends and Multisensorial Experiences Driving Innovation Across Industries

Examples of 5-senses brand engagement from wearables, Agritech and AI, the future of health, wellness and multisensorial experiences and global case studies of disruptive innovation.

Bringing Product Sales to New Heights in the Age of Amazon

Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central, Brand Registry, Tiered Pricing Operational Compliance & Chargebacks, Inventory Forecasting, New Item Setup. Merchandising, Prime Day Promotions, Brand Page Creation and Amazon Store Creation.

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Collaborating with Food Entrepreneurs: A New Model for Starting and Scaling Up Business

Change Management – how to innovate within the construct of large institutions that aren’t as nimble, experimentation and quick wins, the rise of food incubators and accelerators, building diverse networks across the supply chain and understanding demand and market gaps.

Leadership Before Innovation – Four Key Ingredients

The Four Ingredients – Visionary vs. Sharing a vision, Diversity vs. Inclusion, Them vs. Us, and “In” vs. Integrity. Studies show that only 10-15% of ‘innovation’ programs are effective long term – instead we see one-hit wonders, base hits, the occasional home run.