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Revolutionize the Future of Personalized Healthcare with Collaborative Medical Diagnostic & Treatment Technologies

Bioconvergence is the merging and progress of the collaborative knowledge, research, and innovation in the fields of biology and technology.  There are limitless solutions for improved healthcare outcomes through the confluence of the latest research and skills from life scientists, molecular engineers, robotics, medical professional pioneers, and information technology experts. Bioconvergence is the future of global healthcare, so understanding some of the important discoveries and key research disciplines will better prepare future-looking companies in the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare industries for substantial innovative change. Managing the workflow and relationships in this network of solvers requires a dynamic Innovation Resource Management platform. Let’s explore some of these technologies and partnerships.

Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

bicoBiomedical engineering continues to disrupt health care and positively impact patient outcomes. 3D bioprinting and regenerative engineering are growing industries that aim to provide enhanced medical technologies to the surgery room. One example from a leader in this space is BICO (formally CELLINK), a life science and diagnostic solutions company focused on the areas of bioprinting, biosciences, and bioautomation.

Bioprinting utilizes cells and biomaterials to construct models of human tissues designed for use in clinical drug trials and research labs. The future of this field involves the replacement of damaged or diseased organ parts with tissues that are patient customized, bioengineered, and printed on-demand. For example,  bioprinted heart tissue patches minimize transplantation rejection risk in cardiac patients.  BICO provides user-friendly, efficient, and automated instrumentation for molecular biology non-contact liquid handling and cell-based assay monitoring. They aim to develop the next generation of diagnostics, cell-line development, drug screening, and anatomical 3D models with a scalable, automated, and cost-effective product portfolio.

The mission of transforming regenerative medicine is a complex and formidable process which can be assisted by a suite of tools that provide technology scouting, project pipeline solutions, ideation and IP management, as well as seamlessly connecting collaborative partners like Startups, SMEs, and University researchers. Ezassi’s Innovation platform can be the link between what healthcare is today and healthy innovation goals for the future.

Nanorobots – Big Innovation on a Nano Scale

The principle of bioconvergence is experts in biology, electronics, physics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, computer science, AI, and material science all integrate their technological capabilities to improve and innovate within the field of healthcare. Through these research collaborations, the development of nanorobots is underway built to attack cancer cells, heal damaged tissues at the molecular level, clean toxins, unclog arteries, or possibly even position tiny electrical components for internal biometric measurement. Nanorobots aim to improve drug delivery to unhealthy target cells and assist surgeons on a microscopic level. Already successful in laboratory experiments with mice, nanobots have shown capability to block a tumor’s blood supply creating clots and thereby shrinking or killing cancerous tissues. Just imagine how different medical treatments for chronic diseases and cancers will look in a few years utilizing these amazing inventions.

Collaborate with Innovation Software for Impactful Bioconvergence

The costs of developing and testing new medicines and a growing global population of chronic disease demands an increased synergy between the fields of chemistry and biology, robotics and genetic engineering, computer science and data analysis using artificial intelligence. Multidisciplinary technological advancements working in unison through bioconvergence will develop the innovations necessary for better health outcomes and build a broader network of medical institutions with lower costs of treatment.

The future of life saving healthcare treatments and more affordable quality care is through collaborative biomedical technologies and efficient drug development which are enhanced through innovation software. Ask us how we can partner with your industry’s R&D to innovate, faster.

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