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MedTech Industry Open Innovation Challenges, Interview With eZassi CEO

Plastics Today interview with eZassi’s CEO, Peter von Dyck, discusses how the Medical Device Industry (MedTech Industry) is opening up to embracing open innovation. The medtech industry open innovation challenges have been on the forefront of the industry for a long time. This interview highlights the known challenges and what is happening with medtech open innovation.


Below are a few highlights from this discovery article and interview:


  1. The medtech industry is well-known for wanting to keep innovation internal but times are changing. Companies, like those in medtech, feel it is a must to open up their innovation strategy to be competitive in the marketplace.
  2. Open innovation in a secure environment is not so scary. eZassi Open Innovation Management Software solution provides a valuable component for clients that need that extra level of security. Open Innovation with IP Protection.
  3. Similar to the scariness of e-commerce with trusted online transaction now it’s safe for business to connect outside of their enterprise for innovation technology.
  4. The medtech industry has been partnering outside of their enterprise for years with research institutions, educational entities and beyond. The differences now is it’s online. And not so scary.
  5. Staying within your own wheelhouse for innovation is a risk greater than the what was thought to be risky in Open Innovation Management Software for launching technology innovation challenges.


MedTech Industry Open Innovation Challenges

MedTech industry open innovation infographic


Read the full Plastics Today article: “How the medtech industry learned to stop worrying and love open innovation”