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Idea Management, Technology Discovery, and Pipeline Management Software

A powerful, customizable open innovation management software system.

A Complete, Beginning to End
Open Innovation Management Software Solution

Ezassi offers a complete Open Innovation platform — a beginning to end solution. Our multi-purpose portal is where innovators come together to scout technology, collaborate on challenges and submit ideas that deliver incremental, adjacent and transformational successes.   In addition, we offer rewards and gamification to make it fun, an announcement section and automated email notifications to keep everyone informed, and a robust workflow to manage the entire process.

Collaboration tool for innovation including a notification system.

Collaboration is a key component to successful innovation. It goes beyond emails and spreadsheets to a centralized location

where teams can post challenges, share ideas, chat, receive alerts, monitor projects and drive decision making.

Collaboration by community can be public, private or ask to join. Teams can go beyond internal collaborators to

include external subject matter experts, customers and vendors.

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Tech Scouting tool for Discovery including

Tech Scouting Integrations

Tech Scouting is a tool that allows innovators to research new and emerging trends using a sophisticated discovery engine. From advanced Boolean searches including recommended search terms to filters that allow you to refine your results to specific source types, records by organization, time filters and location you have the ability to take a large amount of data and refine it based on your own needs.

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IP Protection and Document storage with advanced search and filtering.

Documentation tool for IP Protection including advanced search including documents.

For Open Innovation to be successful it requires Intellectual Property (IP) protection for the submitter. Our automated, streamlined process builds a foundation of trust between the company and the submitter encouraging the best and brightest to offer their innovative concepts.

As your Innovation program grows so will your need for document storage with advanced search and filtering capabilities. Search communities, challenges, ideas, comments and files including the collaborators associated with the information.

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Survey builder and Workflow

Successful idea capture requires features that are flexible and robust. This includes a tool that makes it seamless to create a survey, distribute it, collect data, and analyze responses. Our system allows for both unstructured and structured idea submissions. Structured challenge questionnaires are built using our advanced survey builder. It offers anonymous submitter options and skip logic to improve data collection. For social sharing, use the external link option which allows users to easily share challenges and encourage participation.

  • Internal Idea Capture
  • External Idea Capture with IP Protection
  • Anonymous Submitter Feature
  • Auto populate User Profiles using Structured Surveys
  • Notification and Workflow integration
  • Reporting and Analytics

Our Workflow capabilities include:

Robust workflow functionality automates the stage gates based on condition and next task. Add task owners, reminders, email notification templates and even piggyback surveys to truly automate the process from initial idea review through product launch.

  • Task ID, Name and Owner
  • Type, Description and Condition and Next Task ID
  • Idea Status and Associated Points (for gamification) and ranking
  • Email Templates based on Status
  • Task Reminders and Due Date Intervals
  • Piggybacked surveys for advanced

Leaderboard, Gamification & Rewards

To encourage ongoing participation and keep ideas flowing we have added a rewards system that is linked to gamification and a leaderboard designed to highlight the highest rates ideas, most commented ideas, top points earners and most active users. Tie in each challenge to gamification by assigning points to new ideas, comments and point rankings. Rewards can be associated with awards, gift cards or incentives. We created the functionality, you get to create the incentives specific to your organizations policies.

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TechScouting3 (1)

Technology Scouting integrations

including Crunchbase and Patents

SocialSignon3 (1)

Social Sign-on using LinkedIn,

Google and Facebook and more

SingleSignon3 (1)

Single Sign-on for seamless accesses

for all internal collaborators

IPProtection3 (1)

IP Protection for crowdsourcing

open innovation submissions

RobustWorkflow3 (1)

Robust Workflow for stage gates

and automated assessment

SurveyBuilder3 (1)

Advanced Survey Builder for structured

and unstructured idea submissions

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As markets become increasingly globalized, and therefore more competitive, Open Innovation will be a driving force. 

Do not let resistant to change even in the face of evolving markets prevent you from using employees, customers and outside experts

to transform your products/services by generating real solutions that can be implemented.