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Automated Assessment and Analytics in Open Innovation

Many companies have structures to accept and evaluate internal innovation concepts but not external ones. Those who do have an external component often have a one-sided agreement where they receive all the benefit and the submitter is left with little to show for their efforts.


A true Open Innovation (OI) system allows for the assessment and analytics of external submissions for consideration and use. It protects both your company’s and the submitters’ intellectual property (IP) that results in mutual benefits, which improves the quality of the submissions you receive. The Ezassi system provides all the components you need to successfully manage the assessment and analytics process.


Automated Assessment and Analytics


To assess the concepts offered for consideration, you must have a way to evaluate them for value and viability. You may receive thousands of submissions which could take tens of thousands of man-hours to review. Ezassi’s automated review system is customizable to your unique needs and presents only the best proposals for your detailed review.


This process begins at intake when the submitter is asked a series of questions. The answer are given a weighted score that you select and the submission is then auto-scored based on the answers provided. You can then select the numerical range of submissions and all projects that fall within that range are flagged for in-depth review.

The Dashboard


The Ezassi dashboard brings this process together, giving you all the assessment and analytic tools and information at your fingertips. The initial screen shows you all of the proposed ideas by “challenge” or topic, along with the score and status. From the dashboard you can easily navigate through key components, including submissions, profiles, attachments or activity.

Ezassi’s assessment and analytic capabilities saves your organization time and money. Use it to select the best of the external concept submissions and follow them through to execution.