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Technology Scouting Must Have — Auto-Populating User Profile

Technology Scouting Must Have — Auto-Populating User Profile

Technology Scouting Must Haves 

Welcome to our “Technology Scouting Must Haves” . For years, businesses have had to perform Technology Scouting the same old way, with a long drawn-out, and very manual, process.

Year-over-year, we talk to hundreds of R&D and Innovation experts across multiple industries and we want to share with you what we hear, time-and-time again. Here we will introduce common pain points experts talk about often. We’ll identify the technology scouting must haves and the new solutions that exist today.

In this post we are identifying a common Must Have – Auto-Populating the user profile.

1) Technology Scouting Must Have — Auto-Populating User Profile

As R&D and Innovation professionals run technology scouting projects and innovation program projects, they rely heavily on their user base for several needs. This user-base engagement is often referred to as crowdsourcing within the Innovation and R&D space. Some examples of crowdsourcing needs include identifying, grouping and engaging with:

  • Internal experts from within the company’s employee-base
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Startups and acquisition targets
  • Researchers and academia

Most Technology Scouting and Crowdsourcing systems are built to capture basic information about the user. This typically happens when the user registers. The Innovation experts we talk with have shared how challenging it is to entice users to fill in their profile details.

User profile details may include the user’s background, expertise and skill set, industry knowledge, technology innovation experience, patents submitted and/or published and more.

Capturing user profile detail is easy, automated and limitless with Ezassi’s crowdsourcing and technology scouting software.

Here’s how it works.

User Profile Questionnaire

A select group of users, also often known as a community, can be served an automated questionnaire from within the crowdsourcing platform or the questionnaire can be served to an external audience. There are multiple methods to capture profile detail and to reach your crowd.

Profile Data Capture

Using a custom digital interview questionnaire, clients can ask any user for his or her profile detail of importance. The questionnaire builder is part of the system and has a very robust set of features. Each crowdsourcing community can have its own set of criteria.

User Profile Auto-Populated with the Questionnaire Submission

The user profiles are then auto-populated with the questionnaire data points.

Advanced Search for Crowdsourcing and Solution Discovery

The scouting and crowdsourcing system offers an advanced search functionality. With this, you can search anything within the system, including user profiles. Enter an area of expertise term and identify SMEs in seconds. Build a crowdsourcing community in a few clicks and you’re ready to ideate and collaborate openly or in a protected setting.

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