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Technology Scouting & Technology Landscaping – How They Differ and Why You Need Both

Understanding your company’s “technical right-to-succeed” is critical to the success of your business: it’s what sets you apart from your competition. It allows you to provide the best products and services your clients and users have come to expect. It’s essential to understand the entire landscape of your company’s current technology and how it compares to the technology of your competitors and the future of technological innovation. This is where technology scouting and technology landscaping research reports come in to play an integral part in building your company’s technology portfolio. 

Technology Scouting

Technology scouting is an element of technology management in which emerging technologies are identified, technology-related information is channeled into an organization, and supports the acquisition of technologies.  The focus of technology scouting is on identifying solutions to an unmet technical or business need. When technology scouting, it’s essential to precisely define your unmet need and create a roust problem definition so that scouts can most efficiently identify the best solutions to your need. This tactical skillset has been well-honed by professional technology scouts, who possess the resources and toolbox to identify technologies and solvers in real-time efficiently. A technology scouting researcher will identify opportunities for potential collaborations and vet the best resources for your specific needs across multiple business verticals. 


Technology Landscaping

Technology landscaping provides an in-depth assessment of a technology area to identify and evaluate relevant technologies’ current and future state as they are being developed across industries.  It helps give a better overall picture of what is possible in the technology spaces your company plays. How long has it been since your company stepped back and took an objective look at the various technology spaces that are most relevant to your business? A professional technology landscaping researcher will take a comprehensive look at the technology spaces that matter to you – to help answer the tough questions necessary for making informed decisions for the future success of your business. It’s not enough to know where the puck has been – you need to have a sense of where the puck is going to stay competitive. Technology landscaping helps companies make strategic decisions about opportunities for their innovation pipelines to keep them competitive in both the near- and long term.


The Importance of Both Technology Scouting and Technology Landscaping

Technology scouting and Technology landscaping often go hand in hand – you shouldn’t invest in one without the other. When paired together, your company will have access to a unique skillset dedicated to identifying and analyzing the technical information you need to make strategic roadmap decisions and address unmet needs tactically. Access to this kind of innovation service will best empower your team to make the critical business decisions required for your company’s continued “technical right-to-succeed.” 

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