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FEI Europe: Front End of Innovation – Ezassi Innovation Leaders

FEI Europe: Adapting, Disrupting, Creating Future Value

13-15 June, 2017

Join Ezassi at Front End of Innovation Europe 2017 in London. Let’s tackle innovation.

FEI Europe takes you through the entire innovation process – from ideation through to execution. Get the tips you need for creating fast, agile and opportunistic innovation teams to turn a great idea into a market-winning product.

FEI Europe Innovation Dinner,
With Ezassi


Join us for a casual dinner…
day 2 of the FEI Europe conference.

When: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 — 7pm to 9pm

Where: Top 1 Forever Restaurant
(a short walk from the conference)

Eat, drink and innovate.

Select menu and open bar.


Demo Our state-of-the-Art Innovation Software and Cyber Scouting Technology LIVE
at FEI Europe

Meet our CEO, Jennifer Creech and CIO, Denise Fletcher at FEI Europe and take a test drive of our Innovation Technology Solution. See for yourself how you can innovate faster.

An Innovation technology that captures and manages internal and external ideas with advanced cyber scouting, crowdsourcing and network building modules. We help businesses rethink how they scout, manage, sustain, engage, analyze and innovate with our industry-leading technology. The goal of the Ezassi Enterprise Innovation Management solution is to help our clients accelerate time-to-innovate.

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A Few Innovation Software Highlights:

  • Unique and proprietary cyber scouting technology
  • Ability to run a scouting challenge anonymously/unbranded
  • Internal and external idea capture with bilateral IP protection
  • Idea submission auto scoring
  • Advanced auto profiling
  • Robust stage-gate workflow builder

FEI Europe Highlights

Adapting, disrupting and creating future value.

What to Expect

Is Innovating Easy? NO WAY!

A look at the learnings from the past 10 years of FEI Europe and where we go from here. A vision of the New Innovation Ecosystem and its effects on industries across the globe.


Designing Calm Technology – The New World of IOT & AI

Our world is made up of information that competes for our attention. What is needed? What is not? Calm technology describes a state of technological maturity where user’s primary task is not computing, but being human.


The Death of Startup Tourism: A New Way to Connect Companies Big and Small

Big businesses have been given and ultimatum: innovate or die. Startups are seen as the “silver bullet” with this corporate innovation challenge. Explore how innovation leaders innovate.


Innovation May Not Grow On Trees, But Can Be Cultivated

Much to the dismay of countless business leaders everywhere, innovation doesn’t just happen by magic. Creating a pervasive innovation culture takes many things.

Ezassi at FEI Europe 2017

Ezassi, an industry leader and first in the area of innovation management software, is thrilled to be a part of this year’s conference. Beginning in 2004, Ezassi started the innovation journey through invention. With several inventions under the Ezassi umbrella, the identification of the open innovation software need developed and transformed into what it is today — a powerful, unique and flexible open innovation management software product.