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How Much Does “Maybe” Cost?  Leveraging Innovation Management for Risk Mitigation 

The Cost of “Maybe”

Imagine standing at the crossroads of innovation, armed with a bold idea. Your team is ready to take the leap, but the path ahead is unclear and unstructured. Will this great idea flourish or flounder in your current organization? Is there transparency across collaborative departments to move the idea through the pipeline efficiently? The answer lies in the delicate balance of risk and reward and a structured strategy to make that determination. 

 “Maybe” is the cost of uncertainty—the price paid for daring to disrupt the industry.

But how do you manage this risk? 

Innovation Management to Navigate Risk 

Use Innovation Management strategies against the paralysis of uncertainty. Here’s how it works:  


Structured Exploration:

Rather than jumping at every great idea, innovation management encourages a methodical approach. Define your objectives, identify the problem solvers, and explore opportunities with open innovation. Crowdsourcing ideas, rating and reviewing, and engaging subject matter experts in the exploration phase all mitigate risk. 

Prototyping and Testing:

Innovation thrives on experimentation. Build prototypes, test hypotheses, and gather data. Fail fast, learn faster. Each iteration reduces the “maybe” factor and every failed attempt is a step closer to success. 

Market Insights:

Understand customer needs, gauge demand and emerging trends, and assess competition. Armed with insights, you can make informed decisions that minimize the cost of “maybe.” 


Scenario Planning:

Imagine the best-case and worst-case scenarios. What if your innovation succeeds and disrupts the market? What if it fails and the company loses market share? Scenario planning prepares you for both outcomes, reducing the fear of the unknown. 

The strategies outlined above are achievable with the guidance of an Ezassi Innovation Strategist
utilizing our Innovation Management Platform

The Structured Exploration phase is best monitored within the Idea Management software.   

Prototype and Testing is when the brightest ideas for a technology challenge are moved from ideation through to the connected project Pipeline Management tool.

Market Insights and additional R&D are also integrated through 3DScout, a built in AI-powered data engine with access to hundreds of millions of technology records such as patents, organizations, and research papers.

Finally, the Scenario Planning phase is achievable across our technology discovery reports, a valuable resource all innovation programs need to stay competitive by understanding the landscape of opportunities and risks that may arise. 

Deliberate Risk with Strategic Innovation Services

Innovation management doesn’t eliminate uncertainty—it transforms it into calculated risk. By embracing structured processes, data-driven insights, and scenario-based thinking, Ezassi strategy consultants reinforce your organization’s cost of “maybe” to navigate innovation wisely. 

So, next time you’re at an innovation pipeline stage gate, ask yourself: How much does “maybe” cost? Then wield innovation management tools by Ezassi as your compass, guiding you toward a future where “maybe” becomes a resounding “yes” in the direction of innovative growth. 

Learn More by scheduling an introductory call with an Strategy Consultant and with the Ezassi Innovation Strategy Video Series.

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