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HIMSS Conference Speaking topics

HIMSS Conference 2018 Speaking Topics

HIMSS Conference 2018 Speaking Topics

the HIMSS conference 2018 speaking topics are a spectrum of new technologies and processes. A place you’re able to learn, meet and network with others around the following topics.


Privacy, Security and Cyber Security

Delving into the policies, procedures, workflow and management pertaining to your security efforts.

HIMSS Conference 2018 Speaking Topics

Connected Health and TeleHealth

Examine connected health and telehealths role in the future of medicine.

Data Analytics/Clinical and Business Intelligence

Examine provider and organizational focused best practices.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Investment

Examine all aspects of health tech innovation and venturing into the investment world.

Health Information Exchange, Interoperability and Data Integration

Examine all aspects of information exchange and interoperability