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A powerful, customizable open innovation management software system.

A Complete, Beginning to End
Open Innovation Management Software Solution

Ezassi offers a complete Open Innovation Management software solution — a beginning to end solution. This proprietary cloud-based platform allows clients to operationalize Open Innovation initiatives and accelerate decision making with high powered analytics involving unique, optional components for launching innovation challenges.

Branding Your Way

Fully customizable portal with your branding, youre desired interface technology and more.

Cyber Scouting Technology

What's your desired reach? The universe or your enterprise. Demand Generation Technology is here.


Want to sustain and enhance user engagement within your challenges? Ezassi technology offers extensive gamification technology.

Social Integration

Built-in social media integration and monitoring. Keep the momentum going through sharing, interacting and social commenting.

IP Protection

Making the complex simple. Digitizing the disclosure process and minimizing IP risks for all parties.

Cyber Scouting Technology

Ezassi’s Demand Generation™ cyber scouting technology further enhances the client’s challenge reach to specifically targeted audiences or to the entire crowd. The configuration enables both “unsolicited” and “solicited” idea capture from both internal and external sources. The cyber scouting crowd can be vast or precise depending on the client need.

A Dynamic Experience

The Ezassi process provides specialty workflows for internal socialization and review of submissions in a stage gate decision process. Received ideas are analyzed, indexed and categorized, and can be socially rated internally. Sustained user engagement is heightened via the system’s fully customizable gamification mechanics.

With IP Protection

The Ezassi solution set can include a unique component of IP protection, providing extra security for innovation challenges. This approach structures and digitizes the disclosure process consistent with each client’s business model and process, reducing the intellectual property (IP) and regulatory risks, protecting all parties. Making the complex simple.